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(This is something I will attach to my profaili and try to keep updated. Bolded the info just for wewe lazies XD Also, Im doing this cause I didnt have inspiration for a Just Me article. This took/takes much longer anyways)

Name: Like in my original information article, I dont share my irl name with everyone. Riku works just fine though. BUT! If wewe like here is a orodha of 'names'/nicknames/usernames I have claimed. Rikushi, Rikuzan, Homra Prince, Organizer of RPs, Commander of the BVB Army, ~RikuTheResurrectedLucifer~, TheBallofFluff, RikuTheNewLucifer, KingOfTheForgotten, FeridTheSassyGayFriend,...
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    You lived a normal life. wewe lived as a normal person. wewe lived happily, au maybe wewe didn’t, though in the end, wewe weren’t special. wewe weren’t a demon in disguise, a caped hero that had come to save the day, a fair maiden in need of help, a spirit haunting the living. wewe were a normal human with a normal life. At least that’s what wewe believe as of now; after all, now it’s all in haze.

    This land, where are you? It’s all strange and everything, actually now that wewe mention it, it does kind of look like a dream....
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So hey! I was bored and decided it would be a cool and fun idea to go through and write what I thought about and predicted for all the Danganronpa V3 characters. Before the prediction, I asked Lefteris to give me 3-4 picha of each character, their name, and the Ultimate that they were introduced at. Then I carried on and did everything below. I hope wewe enjoy!

So this is apparently Kaede Akamatsu and shes the Ultimate Pianist. I’m GUESSING that shes the main protagonist because shes the first one and because she has the main protagonist ahoge.

Overall I think she looks sweet and lovable...
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