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Name: Alisha Carol Tera
Age: 17 from the 1st August
Family: Lyra Tera (mum), Sam Tera(dad) and Ara Tera(sis)
Genre: Female
Species: Chinchilla-Vampire
Powers: Telekinesis and Fire
Personality: Kind, shy, strong and good and brave hearted when it comes to friends
Likes: Her friends, hugs, kisses, sad songs, good food, Mars (not so much, bout 40%. Okay that’s mean at least 60%)
Hates: Hunters, mud blood, Ryuus blades (a bit), Mars’ behaviour
Can do: Drawings, Requests, Singing, Biting and other things
Can’t do: Clinbing, Kill, hurt Ryuu
Others: She left her Family and went to Vampire high school....
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one day....rima was having a vacation at crytal city's sunsplash beach...but then...a fat slug gang monster guy smoking a sigar name big bubba(Matt's arch enemy) apeared!!!rima attemped a sword attack...big bubba inhaled her!!!matt apeared...he alisema "who let wewe out of prison,fatty?" big bubba responded "I BROKE OUT...AND I'M ON A DIET!!!" matt humerously said"what?the diet mobians?" matt quickly jumped down big bubba throat and pulled rima out..."stay here miss" alisema matt!matt used spike shot...big bubba took ok dammage...matt gained a new move...matt used nova-spikes and sliced big bubba...
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