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Robot,Monster and Ogo went after Fram,trying to stop him before he got outside.It was too late,though.Fram already made it outside and started torchering innocent people. "Hey,guys,I've got an idea!" Ogo said. "I'll distract him,while wewe guys come from behind and grab him.Then I'll use this rope to tie him up and stop him!"
"That's...actually not bad," Robot said. "OK,let's do it." "Hooray!" Ogo flew in front of Fram,chomping on a blimp. "Hey,you!" Ogo alisema to Fram.Fram stopped chewing and looked down at Ogo. "Um...are wewe allergic to bacon?Because I'm REALLY allergic to-," Fram stomped on...
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Robot woke up screaming, “We’re late!!!” and fell out of bed. Nails flew almost everywhere as he impacted the cement ground bellow him. As he picked himself up, he gave the clock a glare, just hoping that he had just awoken from a nightmare and winced as he saw the numbers, ’12:38’ on the clock.
As fast as he could, he ran down the stairs, falling again in the process, he tumbles and falls into the kitchen, giving monster a furious glare as he yelled, “What are wewe doing cooking breakfast?! WE’RE LATE!!!”
Monster glances down to his feet, where his roommate lay, panting with...
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posted by 90sfan
ROBOT:Monster!Where are you? *looks around jikoni to find Monster*

MONSTER:I'm in here,Robot! *camera zooms in at Monster's head trapped in Marf's sqaure hole located in the wall*

ROBOT:*comes into living room* Monster,how did wewe get stuck in there?

MONSTER:I was playing with Marf when his ball got trapped in the wall,so I tried to grab it.I couldn't reach it,so I went deeper.Now my head is one with the wall.

ROBOT:Hold on,I'll get wewe out. *grabs Monster's feet and pulls him out successfully*


ROBOT:*gives Monster concerned look* Monster,your face...

MONSTER:Huh?What's wrong...
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Robot and Monster were watching the tube one Sunday morning,while Marf lingered around the kitchen.He was extremely bored,not knowing what he should do.He got an idea.He went over to Monster with a ball in his mouth,wanting to play fetch."Sorry,Marf,I can't play with wewe right now.This is the best part of the show!" Marf was disappointed,but figured Robot would play with him instead,and went over to him."Oh,not now,Marf," Robot said.Marf sadly went back into the jikoni to think of something to do.
"Hey,Monster," Robot said."Doesn't it seem like Marf's been really...bored lately?" "Yeah,it...
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posted by 90sfan
MONSTER:...and this is where we work!The Blinking Lights Factory!

JOJO:Wow!This town is amazing!

ROBOT:Uh,yeah.Monster,can I talk to wewe for a second?

MONSTER:Right now?

ROBOT:*grabs Monster's wrist and drags him aside* Look,Monster,this girl is just like Ogo,I can tell.She seems really hyper and clingy,and I don't want any part of her.

MONSTER:But Robot,she's new here.Give her a chance,you just met her twenty dakika ago!

ROBOT:I guess your right.Let's take her to the Makin' Bacon.Are wewe coming,Jojo?

JOJO:Oh,one hundred percent yes! *flies to Robot and Monster*

ROBOT:Alrighty,then! *before Robot...
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