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JERRY:" today ladies and gentalmen on the jerri springer show, we have 20 mwaka old prodigy with ex-girl friend la Keisha
She claims that prodigy IS the father we will find out if that is true right now! Come on out prodigy"
PRODIGY: "bitch I betta be the mutha fukien fatha au I'm a-
LA KEISHA:(scared) okay, wewe are I swear!!!!!!!
JERRY :la Keisha earlier during the lie detected test we asked wewe did wewe sleep with anyone during your relationship with alisema no and.........that was a...LIE!!!!
PRODIGY:you lyin bitch, kahaba yo pussy wasn't all that either !!!
????:that's cause I'm the father!!!!!!!...
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what would wewe do if wewe seen yo lil bro doing this?lol MUST SEE!!!!!!!
so haalarious
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