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Chapter 3:What the hell is wrong with Ryuga?
''R-Ryuuga?''everyone alisema at the same time..
Just then Ryuga collapsed on the floor..
''Madoka,go get help quick!!''shouted Gingka
''On my way!!''
''Ryuga..''said Kenta..he missed his friend, the times they used to battle,and travel to god only knows where together..
''N-No way'' nervously alisema Hikaru..she was scared but at the same time a kind of worry filled inside her..''I thought he was dead''she whispered ,so no one could hear her..
''Kyoya! don't just stand there!!Come help me carry him!!''Gingka shouted again..
''Y-yeah.''Kyoya and Gingka carried...
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Chapter 5:A the WBBA

''Pegasus! hang in there!'',Gingka was battling Kyoya.It seems like his rival/friend won't give up at any
cost.In Gingka's eyes,Kyoya was trying his best not to lose his cool.

''Tch..Pathetic! Lion!'',Lion roared and made his way towards Bing Bang Pegasus.There's no way Kyoya would lose this battle.or so he thought..
Pegasus dodged it's attack and did his special move.After that,Lion was defeated as well as his master.

''Grrrr! DANG IT!'',poor Kyoya..no matter how hard he tries..no matter how long he's training..it will be the same shit.Gingka would win,always.

''What's wrong,Tategami?...
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posted by PiCKy-NikkI
Hello!This story is based on this...topic:Doji is'nt evil,and the Dark Nebula is Nebula now.Yay there good!And new,members too....

Chapter One

"WHAT!"Reiji yelled."Yes,were apart of the WBBA.I think it is great idea as well."Doji said.Reiji gritted his teeth."So what!I'm suppose to be all happy and nice.That ain't happening!!"He hissed.Then Ryuga walked in Doji's office.Both bladers looked at each other and growled a little."Hmph,I bet dragon breath here is okay with it then huh!"Reiji exclaimed.Ryuga did'nt know what he was talking about,until he remebered."Actually,I don't really care."Reiji...
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Okay so this is a Ryukaru(RyugaxHikaru) fic that got in my head...dont hate me! I'm not so good in english..This fic takes place after Beyblade Metal fury..Hope wewe enjoy..;)

Ryuga(he will be added later)

Chapter one:Questions
It was a beautiful and sunny siku in beyblade world.After our Heroes finally defeated Nemesis and Rago ,they were relaxing at the WBBA until Gingka spoke
''Hey guys did wewe ever wonder where Ryuga might be?? I mean is he dead or?'' Everyone froze at the question..Kyoya slipped the water at his face..Madoka stopped whatever she's...
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posted by dragonfang2011



"I thought wewe are a Legend Blader."

Ryuga's eyes darted up, a glimmer of fury in the dark amber depths as he stared at the man in front of him with a mixture of pain and annoyance. "And to qualify as a Legend Blader, I would have to actually be a blader." The sarcasm in his quiet, husky voice was hardly noticeable. The sharp features drew together a bit to form a faint scowl.

Phoenix's owner frowned, disappointed that the teen in front of him was denying his ability to wield a Beyblade. Ryuga was a powerful blader, no doubt...
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posted by PiCKy-NikkI
Hi,This is what L-Drago is to me!Enjoy.......

Chapter 1:Finding out

Ryuga was asleep in his room.He tossed and turn,he was having a dream.'Ryuga opened his eyes to see he was near a waterfall.He looked around to see a girl sitting on a mti stump."Oh good you're okay!"She stated.Ryuga raised an eyebrow."Um...who are you?"He asked.She gave him puzzling look."It's me.L-Drago."

Ryuga woke up startled."Again the same dream."He said.He looked at L-Drago,sitting on his dresser.Taking it in his hand he stared at his bey."You can't be a-no what am I thinking!"He set his bey back on the dresser.He laid...
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Chapter 4:Time for some fun!
''Why are we here again?''Ryuga growled and took another look around the restaurant..
Gingka''Well duh..We wanna eat dude..ever heard of it?Seriously,aren't u hungry?''
Gingka:I take that as a yes..oh here's the waitress coming..
Waitress:May I help u?oh my! You're Gingka right?
Gingka:The one and only!
Waitress:Well what would u like to order sir?
Gingka:A large pizza for my friends..and hamburgers for me..oh and cola
Waitress:Anything else sir?
Ryuga:One bottle of vodka for meh
Waitress:Understood sir,comin' in a few...''After 2 mins the watress arrived with...
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Chapter 2:The Dragon Emperor is back.(yay!!! sorry.. ya know how fangirls are)
The inayofuata morning Gingka and co went to WBBA again to train since there wasn't anything else to do..Kenta battled Yu..Benkie battled Tsubasa..Hikaru was inayofuata to Madoka watching the show(meh) and Kyoya of course was ready to battle Gingka..
''Hey yo-yo are wewe ready to get your punda kicked from Gingky?? muahahahah''shouted Yu..Kyoya swore under his breath..
''Let's get this over with Gingka!! I'm not gonna lose this time...'' isn't that what he tells always?? Gingka thought..
''Fine Kyoya..but don't think I'll go easy on...
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posted by PiCKy-NikkI
hujambo peeps inayofuata chapter is now!read.

Chapter Two

After Ryuga helped Luna with her little shopping spree,they went back to the nebula."Thanks for the help" Luna said.Ryuga shrugged."Eh,I was bored any way.I'll see wewe later...I guess."He waved goodbye and headed down the hall."Uh,Ryuga,right?"He turned around to see Gaze."Yeah,what is it?"Gaze smiled and put her hands on her hips."I know."she stated."Know what?"."That wewe like Luna.It's written all over your face man!"she exclaimed laughing a little.Ryuga rolled his eyes, him, the dragon emperor, in love?! He chuckled a bit."I don't know where...
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