Elise (Assassin's creed)
I know I may have done one of these before but a lot has changed since then and this is for new people who want to know about me so I hope wewe like it and It needed some change and my old one got deleted

Name: Sarah
Age: 19 soon to be 20
Birthday: 3rd of January
favourite colour: Purple,Black,blue and red

I'm a huge video game shabiki and like and play so many games so I won't have all of them in this makala because it would take to long also I would like to be a video game designer.

A orodha of some of the games I play:

Assassin's creed
life is strange
tales from the borderlands
the walking dead
dragon age
the witcher
deus ex
final fantasy
the order 1886
resident evil
shadow of mordor
Mass effect
Legend of zelda
the division
mirrors edge
remember me
beyond two souls
watch dogs
Saints row
devil may cry
mbwa mwitu among us
far cry
heavy rain
dead island
dying light
left 4 dead
until dawn
the evil within
call of duty
the last of us
Game of thrones
metal gear solid
tomb raider
Metal gear solid

I have tried to orodha as many as I can I might have missed some out

My upendo for the frye twins is unconditional

I like both assassin's and templars

I'm all for assassin's and templars falling in love

If I did had to pick I would go for templars but I do upendo assassin's

If wewe chose to save chloe and sacrifice arcadia bay in life is strange I have no respect for you.

If wewe hate nathan prescott keep it to yourself I will always protect him

Victoria doesn't deserve the hate she get's

I can't stand chloe price to me she is annoying and just wants way to much attention I hate her

Warren graham is a total Angel and doesn't deserve the hate he get's off the chloexmax shippers

Max and Warren are the real couple and otp

I do like a lot of characters other people hate

Josh washington shouldn't be liked as much as he is

I find yennefer way to annoying for me Triss will always be better

The kenway family deserved better

mage rights activist

My otps:

Altair and Maria (Assassin's creed)
Ezio and Sofia (Assassin's creed)
Arno and Elise (Assassin's creed)
Evie and Henry (Assassin's creed)
Max and Warren (Life is Strange)
Victoria and Nathan (Life is strange)
Triss and Geralt (The witcher)
Ashley and Chris (Until dawn)
Jess and Mike (Until dawn)
Female warden and Alistair (Dragon age)
Female Hawke and Fenris (Dragon age)
Female inquisitor and Cullen (Dragon age)
Rhys and Sasha (Tales from the borderlands)
Sasha and August (Tales from the borderlands)
Nathan and Elena (Uncharted)
Jake and sherry (Resident evil)
Chris and Jill (Resident evil)
Leon and ada (Resident evil)
female shepard and Kaidan alenko (Mass effect)
And zaidi those are some of my favorites


Evie Frye (Assassin's creed)
Elise de laserre (Assassin's creed)
Max Caulfield (Life is strange)
Victoria (Life is strange)
Sasha (Tales from the borderlands)
Athena (Borderlands)
Nisha (Borderlands)
Triss merigold (The witcher)
Ciri (The witcher)
Claire redfield (Resident evil)
Jill valentine (Resident evil)
Ada wong (Resident evil)
Elizabeth (Bioshock)
Jess (until dawn)
sam (until dawn)
Ashley (until dawn)
Ellie (the last of us)
elena (uncharted)
Chloe (uncharted)
Lara (Tomb raider)
Harley quinn (Batman)
elizabeth (bioshock)
Emily (Dishonored)
Fetch (Infamous)
Miranda (Mass effect)
Mara sov (Destiny)

That's most of them I might have missed a few

Altair (Assassin's creed)
Ezio (Assassin's creed)
Arno (Assassin's creed)
Jacob (Assassin's creed)
Edward (Assassin's creed)
Shay (Assassin's creed)
Haytham (Assassin's creed)
Warren (Life is strange)
Nathan (life is strange)
Rhys (Tales from the borderlands)
august (Tales from the borderlands)
Booker (Bioshock)
Leon (Resident evil)
Chris (Resident evil)
Geralt (The witcher)
Eskel (The witcher)
Iorveth (The witcher)
Nathan (Uncharted)
Bruce (Batman)
Jason todd (Batman)
nightwing (Batman)
The outsider (dishonored)
Dante (Devil may cry)
Vergil (Devil may cry)
Delsin (infamous)
Garrett (Thief)
Uldren sov (Destiny)

I have missed some off my husbands and sunshines because
I have so many so don't be surprised if wewe see one au I say one
that I haven't put down

Again I might have missed a couple out

I also like Rock and heavy metal
I upendo art and mythology

If wewe want to add me on tumblr let me know

If wewe want to know anything else let me know
Elena (Uncharted)
Nathan (Uncharted)
Arno (Assassin's creed)
Jacob and Evie (Assassin's creed)
August (Tales from the borderlands)
Joel (The last of us)
Mara (Destiny)
Max and Warren (Life is Strange)
Nathan and Victoria (Life is strange)
Triss (The witcher)
Cirilla (The witcher)