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 marina and the diamonds!
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Ariana Grande
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 you're an ari Queen
you're an ari queen
BABE <3 OMFG I can't even believe you're 18 already and i guess neither can wewe , realize.
I know since wewe were 16 and now im 16 , just asdfghjkl <3

Since today is your special siku i want to wish wewe to have the BEST time today and for the rest of the mwaka , I also wish wewe to not have problems with anything and always be healthy and happy. May all your wishes come true :*

You're really everything to me and I just upendo talking to wewe zaidi than anything.! you're the Serena in my Blair , the Sophie in my Cara , the Allison in my Lydia , Aria in my Spencer ,Perrie in my Leigh-Ann , you're the Sarah in my Anna , wewe complete me and we will always be together kwa heart.

wewe do are an awesome person and we upendo wewe , you're beautiful , you're smart , you're worthless.! Never change for any bitch, kahaba who is messing around with you. wewe deserve the BEST of the best. xx

I upendo wewe WITH ALL MY moyo
 wewe will surely meet them <3
you will surely meet them <3
 me , chezzy , mira and wewe <3
me , chezzy , mira and you <3
 forever will for forever be ours <3
forever will for forever be ours <3
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hujambo Guys her is an makala about me
Name- Sarah Louise


Height- 5 Foot 3

Hair Colour-Brown

Eye colour-Blue

Family- Mum and 2 Brothers

Celebrity Crush- Niall Horan<3

Role Models- Perrie Edwards,Eleanor Calder,Rita Ora,Cher Lloyd

Fave Female singers- Taylor Swift,Selena Gomez,Miley Cyrus,Rita Ora,Cher Lloyd,Alicia Keys,Lana del ray,Jennifer Lopez,Rihanna

Fave Band- One Direction,Little Mix

Fave Male singers- Justin Bieber,Ed Sheeran

Fave Tv shows- TVD,Friends,glee,Gossip Girl,Nikita,One mti hill,Supernatural,Doctor Who

Fave Movies- Harry Potter,Grease,Twilight,The hunger games,Lord of the rings,The avengers,Captain America,Thor,The notebook,The vow

I play the guitar, gitaa and Piano

I upendo football and Golf

I have been on fanpop for two years

People who mean a lot to me on here are

Relationship Staus-Single
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 the ikoni when we first met <3
the icon when we first met <3
hujambo Sarah hey,

I'm sorry for being late on making this makala cos I usually be the first one lol just kidding. sigh.
To be honest, I am completely sorry if this makala is not very special like others, not very perfect like other people had made. I am indeed a horrible friend. But let's not talk about me, but we need to talk about you! Because today is your special day.. a very special day. All I can say is just wow. Wow. I can't believe that we have been Marafiki for like 3 years now. I still remember your first ikoni when we first talk to each other. It was Rita Ora. I remember it like it was...
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