"I have been expecting you, Sailor Moon." it had said."Who...are...you.."Serena had said, kinda scared."I am sailor crescent moon! otherwise known as Princess Priscilla of the moon kingdom! I will right wrongs,and triumph over evil, and that means, i'm joining the sailor scouts! I have detected a new evil planet called the planet of the dark crystals. It is infected with black crystals that can take over your brain and use your strengths for evil! We MUST stop them!". Priscilla had said. "but, how did wewe know we were here?"Serena Asked."by Using this." Sailor Crescent moon held out a silver crystal in the shape of a star."Gasp! the upinde wa mvua nyota crystal!" alisema Serena."Yes. Queen Serenity gave it to me.Back on the moon, she told me to use it to transport to the future to become a sailor scout. But, I had to keep an eye on wewe so I had to be adopted to a family, Which was yours. I stayed in the basement most of the time, helping wewe win your first ever battles with Queen beryl and her minions."She said."What?!?!?!?!?!? Serena said." wewe were living in our basement ever since I was in Junior high?"Serena asked surprised."yes."Priscilla jumped from the window, and waved goodbye for now.

starshine is the horse