*Adventures of Sailor Moon is a fanfic series created kwa me- Animefan66. All content and characters belong to its creators. Please enjoy this exciting series*

Dawn has just rose over the city. Out in the ocean, a large pirate ship sailed over the sea near the downtown harbor. Inside this ship, crew members were attempting to sail to the docks. The crew gave the captain of the ship their word for getting them to the docks and after his response, the ship parked near the docking area of the harbor. After the ship was parked, large numbers of the crew members made their way down from the ship and went on a raging spree through downtown. They have robbed banks, grocery stores, and even attempted to stealing large amounts of useful items. After their robbing spree was over, the crews loaded the stolen things onto the ship and after making a quick and fast escape, they made it without any trouble.

The news about the robbery was broadcast everywhere on TV. One family in particular were watching the whole broadcast on their TV. "What do wewe think the pirates wanted with all of this?" The mother asked to her husband. He had no idea what to answer to that question. The mother turned to her daughter, Serena and nudged her because she was kusoma a comic book. "Serena, what do wewe think?" The girl took her eyes off the book and looked at her mother with a sigh. "I don't know mom," She responded. "Why are wewe concerned?" Her mother gave a beaming glare at her. "Because this is suppose to be important. What if those pirates came to our house and aliiba everything?" This suddenly got to her attention as she looked at her mom with fear and fright. "Is it true mom?!" She asked her with tears in her eyes. Her mother shook her head and said, "Don't know until wewe think about it." She soon gave a little giggle, knowing that she only alisema it just to scare her and get her mind off the comic book. "It's back on." Serena's father alisema to his wife and her. They watched the rest of the program until it was chajio, chakula cha jioni time. After dinner, Serena ran up to her bedroom and decided to tell Luna, her pet cat about the news.

"Pirates wewe say," She alisema while pacing around the small table. "That is something." Serena was not thrilled kwa Luna's response as she was expecting zaidi from her than just that simple sentence. "Do wewe know anything?" She glared at Luna. Her glade forced Luna to fall off the meza, jedwali and hit the floor. After getting up from the fall, she walked around the meza, jedwali towards Serena. "Serena, I do not know anything about this. If I did, I would've told you." Serena sighed with disappointment and looked at the ceiling. "How can I be sure this is true?" Poor Luna really wanted to help, but there was nothing zaidi she could say au do to help her get through it. As the dakika went by, Serena was fast asleep. Luna on the other hand couldn't sleep because she was sad she couldn't help Serena with the answer to her question. She slowly crept to the left window and jumped to it to look up at the night sky. "Is it really true," Luna thought in her mind. "Is it possible that there are really pirates out there? And if there are, could they be part of the Negaverse?" Luna had no idea what to think au respond to. She did however know that something was strange about this short of event.

As the inayofuata morning rose, Serena was late for school again and was rushed. Luna didn't pay any attention to her as she didn't get much sleep last night. She never got the chance to say good siku to Serena nor did she had time to say anything to her. Rubbing her eyes with her paws, she could only fall and go to sleep fast. While sleeping, she had a dream about Sailor Moon and the other Sailor Scouts being cornered kwa a group of mysterious men that were dressed like crew members for a captain. In the dream, the girls Lost most of their powers and were captured kwa all of them. While they were being captured, a mysterious old man appeared and was dressed like an old captain. The captain said, "Keep these trouble makes out of my sight! Arrgh!" The scouts cried with fear and this woke Luna up quickly. After realizing it was just a dream, she sighed and yawned while trying to wake up. "That was one wicked nightmare," She alisema while walking around. "But I think it gave me something to tell to Serena. I think the other girls must know about this too. I think I will wait until the siku goes kwa to locate them and explain to them what I think is going on." With that being said, Luna waited until the hours went on by. When the time was right, she quietly sneaked out of the house and ventured to the streets of downtown where she talked to Amy, Lita, Mina, and Raye. After talking with all of them, she decided to run back to find Serena.

To Luna's amusement, she found Serena hanging out at a molt shop. She quickly dashed inside the duka and confronted Serena. "Luna! What are wewe doing here?" Luna tried her hardest to push Serena to go out of the shop. "I need to speak with wewe Serena," She alisema while continuing to push her out of the shop. "Okay! Okay! Stop that!" Serena alisema while walking out of the shop. She gave a slight moan of misreay. "You just messed uo my chance for me to get a molt." Luna formed her voice into a serious tone. "Serena, I have some important things to tell wewe about. It's about the whole pirate thing." "Do we have to talk about that now?" Serena moaned while staring at the molt duka windows. Luna got her to pay attention once more. "Serena, I seriously think we need to talk somewhere else other than this place. wewe cannot even think without staring at that molt shop." Serena groaned once again. After a while of finding a good place to have a private talk, they finally sat on a park bench near a private place down at the park. "Now what is it?" Serena alisema while crossing her arms with anger. Luna gave a breath. "I think wewe were right about those pirates Serena. Something is going on around here. But I do not know what it is. I have explained everything to the others." Serena was puzzled kwa her words. "Are wewe saying I am right?" "I don't know," Luna alisema while looking at the grass. "But I am positive wewe are. We must go down to the docks today and see if those pirates will return." Serena's mood suddenly changed to fright. "Do we have to?" She asked in a scared tone. Luna nodded. Poor Serena has a fear with things that a totally scary- ghosts, monsters, and sometimes even real pirates. Pirates are a new thing for her to face and it is going to be hard for her heroine ego to face them. "You know it is the responsibility wewe have to do." Luna alisema to her. Serena knew it was, but it was hard enough for her to think about. "Why cant wewe get Mina, Lite, Amy, and Raye to do it instead of me?" Serena asked Luna. The cat shook her head. "Serena, wewe are Sailor Moon and wewe are suppose to take care of these things. The others will only be there when wewe most need it. It is your responsibility Serena." All what Serena could do was sigh and moan as he didn't know what else to think au do. She knew however that Luna was right. "Fine, I will do this. But please hope I do not get sent to the plank for this." Luna snickered at her sentence. Serena pouted.

As the hours went by, night soon fell over the town. Both Luna and Serena made their way to the side of town where the docks were located. The docking side of town was very dark, foggy, and creepy. Serena was scared to death, but knew she had to do what she did best- protect the town from the pirates if they ever returned. "Okay, transforme into Sailor Moon now." Luna alisema to Serena. She nodded and gave the command and was transformed into Sailor Moon. After her sequence, she looked around the area to make sure no one spied on her. "I think the coast is clear." She alisema to Luna. "Great," Luna responded. "All what we do now is wait until they onyesha up." Sailor Moon changed her expression to a shock. "We have to WAIT??" She screamed. "Quite!!" Luna shouted with a whispear. "But do we really have to wait for them? How long will that be?" Luna was not so sure how to answer that swali so she made up an answer- "We will find out when they get here." She responded. Sailor Moon frowned. After waiting for ten minutes, both Luna and Sailor Moon soon heard something coming the water. As the two slowly walked through the foggy air and towards the water, they could see nothing. "I knew I heard something." Luna alisema in her mind. But it wasn't very long until the sound of steps in the concrete were heard from the right. "Step back quickly Sailor Moon! Something is coming at wewe from the right!" Quickly, the two walked away from the water and turned to the right. There, they saw the form of several figures visible from the fog. It was the shape of odd looking men. "It's them!" Luna shouted.

Not knowing what do, all what Sailor Moon could think was run. Luna followed. "Sailor Moon, what are wewe doing," Luna shouted. "You can't just run away! wewe have to battle them!" Sailor Moon could just cry from fear. She had no idea how to battle with pirates. They were not aliens nor members from the Negaverse, so what could she do? "Listen, they may not be members of the Negaverse but wewe can beat them Sailor Moon!" Luna alisema with encouragement. Sailor Moon took Luna's words and stopped running and slowly turned int the direction of the men. "You're right Luna! I shouldn't run away, because I am Sailor Moon- the champion of justice! And on behalf of the Moon, I will right wrong and triumph over evil! And that means wewe guys!" Luna sighed as to thinking why should could've realized to say the kauli mbiu earlier. After her motto, the men stood still and laughed and snickered. At first, Luna and Sailor Moon were confused as to why they just stood there and laughed at her. But it was then that the form of the large captain appeared behind the crew members. "What is this weird samaki in the sea doing in me way?!" He asked with a pirate-like accent. One of the crew members responded, "It's a little girl trying to be a hero and stop us from robbing the city." The captain slowly stepped closer to Sailor Moon, observing her whole outfit and everything. After that, the captain turned his head back the crew members and alisema to them, "You'll want to tie this little samaki down while we are robbing the town. She may come useful."

Sailor Moon trembled with fear as she didn't want to be captured. But it was too late- the whole crew tied her up and put her in a corner near a store. "Now wewe stay there." One of the crew members alisema to her while pointing his finger at her. The crew members along with the captain started their robbery around the whole town once again. Sailor Moon meanwhile was trying her hardest to get out of the ropes, but were too tight. Luna even tried helping, but the ropes were so thick they were hard for her teeth and claws to tear through. She sighed with disappointment. "I am very sorry Sailor Moon.." Just when it was all over, a familiar voice soon struck along the town. It was the sound of Sailor Jupiter, commonly known as Lita. "Hey," She shouted to the crew members. "I've got a bone to pick with wewe thieves!" The captain ordered his crew to attack the girl, but she was stronger enough then they all were. She punched, kicked, and tossed every one of the crew members to the ocean. Every time she fought them, they would come back for more. Deciding this was enough, the captain decided to take care of her himself. Pulling out his pirate sword, he dashed to her but was punched in the face kwa her fist. He knocked out dead cold. "Now I have got just one zaidi thing for wewe thugs." She alisema while getting ready to do her final attack. It was then that Sailor Jupiter called out her power attack- Jupiter Thunder Crash. With that attack called, the entire crew, and captain were sent to the ocean. Her attack also caused their ship to rip apart too, so they had no ship to sail away from. After they were gone, Sailor Jupiter helped Sailor Moon loose. "Thank wewe very much for being there." Sailor Moon alisema with a smile of joy. Sailor Jupiter have a thumbs up and a wink while saying, "It was no problem! After all we are the Sailor Scouts and friends." Sailor Moon giggled. "I think we should celebrate this night kwa going out to the molt shop." Sailor Jupiter and Luna stared at her with shock. "How can wewe be thinking about molts now?!" Luna asked with amusement. Sailor Moon could only giggle.