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Iceblazer08 posted on Jul 22, 2010 at 07:01AM
Scrubs Renewed

This is what I would do I were to remake Scrubs.

John Dorian- Chief of Medicine
Ronald “Ron” Estings- Star; intern
Jack Cox- J.D.’s subordinate
Nathan “Nate” Tealbings
Kelly Stellinberg- Intern; Ron’s Friend
Rachael Coffit- Intern; Nathan’s girlfriend
Dr. Peter Kelinstein- Doctor; Ron’s idol
Elisabeth “Lizzy” Dorian- College student; John Dorian’s daughter
Guy- Security guard; Lizzy’s best friend

Glenn- Custodian
Mathew- Custodian
Carol- Nurse
Karen- Head Nurse
Sam “Sammy” Parry Gilligan Dorian- Hospital lawyer
Mary- Nurse

John Dorian joins the new hospital and quickly becomes Chief of Medicine. Over the years, he has grown out of his immaturity. This is partially due to Turk staying at Winston University. Unlike his predecessors, Dorian treats all of the residences at the hospital with kindness and offers advice where it is needed. As for his day dreams: Dorian eventually went to see a psychiatrist. Although he was cured for several days, the fantasies eventually came back, but not as often.
Jack Cox, the son of Perry Cox, followed John Dorian to St. Mary’s Hospital. Despite trying to model his career after Dorian, Jack follows after his father is cruel everyone who passes through the hospital. He treats interns and other doctors like underlings and ruthlessly insults anyone who makes a mistake, no matter how little. Dorian is the only one who can put him back in line when he has gone too far.
Ronald Estings graduated number one in his class at Vanderbilt. His IQ is borderline genius, yet he tends to be humble about his intelligence. To his embarrassment, he tends to have numerous day dreams and fantasies. He has no particular liking for Dr. Dorian, though the two tend to bump into each commonly. Ron’s true role model is Peter Kelinstein. After he watched Kelinstein effortlessly diagnose multiple patients in a matter of minutes, Ron began to shadow Peter for length. Peter, at first did not notice, nor care, about his shadow and did not address him for the first several days. His rivalry with Nathan Tealbings becomes a central conflict for a long time as his position as an intern.
Nathan Tealbings hatred of Ron began on the first day. Nathan, in an attempt to show off, tried to answer a hard question presented by Dr. Dorian. Nathan failed to answer the question correctly and was promptly corrected by Ron. He now spends most of his time trying to best Ron or assisting the Custodians on tricking Ron. He often acts like a hotshot and often hits on the women around the hospital. His relationship with Kelly Stellinberg is not very serious. But, when he sees Kelly flirting with Ron, he becomes very jealous and protective.
Kelly Stellinberg is the flirtatious and attractive girlfriend of Nathan Tealbings. She attempts to seduce Ron and other men at the hospital many times. Nathan believes that is Ron trying to seduce Kelly, which only furthers his hatred for Ron. Despite this, she is very knowledgeable and occasionally is able to give excellent advice. She and Mary are excellent friends, although they often argue.
Rachael Coffit attended Vanderbilt College in the same class as Ron. The two never really noticed each other as they never hung around the same crowd. But, at St. Mary’s hospital, the two are very close friends. While Ron finds her quite attractive, the two maintain a Friend-only status. She is very kind and stands up for herself when necessary. She does occasionally cry when things overwhelm her. Despite only being friends with Ron, she becomes very jealous when he talks with other women, especially with her friend, Kelly.
Peter Kelinstein is a skilled doctor who has worked at St. Mary’s for several years. He is content with his job and does not aspire to go for Chief. He is very confident in his skills and he often shows it without realizing it. He has a passive attitude about most of the residences at the hospital and could care less about the drama ensuing around him. When he figured out he was being shadowed by Ron Estings, he gives Ron a mere glance. Like many of the doctors, he shows little affection for the interns, but he seems to be the only one to completely block them for his mind.
Elizabeth Dorian is the daughter of Eliot Reid and John Dorian. She is still in college and is trying to earn a law degree. She often visits her dad when she has the time. Where her father has ended his immaturity, she has grown. While at the hospital, she often helps the nurse or gangs up with the custodians. Her best friend is Guy, the security guard. The two also often disturb the hospital together. They have the uncanny ability to telepathically communicate with Guy. She first meets Ron after she knocks unconscious after accidently hitting in the face with a mop. When he wakes up, Ron accidently daydreams aloud that she is an angel. When he realizes what he has done he is embarrassed and apologizes. The two are soon great friends and are content to remain that way.
Guy’s past is mysterious to say the least. Even his name is one that he calls himself as a way to be identified. He avoids every question about his that he can, even those from his best friend Lizzy. Originally, there was no position for security guard, but one day, he showed up in a costume. After several weeks, Dorian added him to the payroll and his job was official. His friendship with Lizzy was brought upon by Lizzy herself. She felt he seemed lonely and so she invited him to go with her and disturb the hospital. He does not admit it, but he harbors feelings for his best friend. He grows jealous over other men that talk to her and very protective when anyone attempts to insult her or harm her. He is a talented singer, but is too lazy to act on it. The custodians idolize him because they believe he is the son of the fabled Janitor. Whether he is or not, he refuses to reveal. His relationship with Ron was tense at first, but after he saw that Ron was only friends with Lizzy, the two began a mutual friendship.
All of the nurses have formed an anti-custodian security group in the hospital. Nurses often foil the pranks and tricks of the custodians as to maintain the peace. The nurses are the closest thing to security the hospital has, even more so than Guy. Karen is the leader of the nurses by nature and officially. She is the Head Nurse and is leader of the Anti-Custodian operations. The nurses have little tolerance for goofy antics or stupidity and often get angry when someone attempts to be goofy. This tense anti-fun attitude does not seem to extend to Lizzy and most of the nurses, save for Karen, enjoy her antics.
Sam Perry Gilligan Dorian is the son of John Dorian and Kim Briggs. He is close to his step-sister Lizzy and is very protective of her. Sammy was a star athlete in high school and maintains his reputation as a hot shot to this day. He is currently married to Izzy Turk, who is pregnant. He is the hospitals lawyer and has saved the hospital from several big lawsuits. He and jack Cox has a close friendship and friendly rivalry. Both compete to see who drives the best car, often ending in a stalemate. Despite being a bit boastful, he has a friendly personality and, like his father, lends advice to those who need it.
Glenn and Mathew are the hospital custodians. Like custodians all over the country, they worship the Nation-renowned Janitor. Not long after joining the hospital and hearing of the janitor’s reign of terror, did the two aspire to be like him. Glenn and Mathew often compete to see who the best prankster is. Because they are outnumbered and outmatched by the nurses, who constantly foil their plots, they employ the help of interns, doctors, Lizzy, and Guy. Glenn and Mathew worship for his genius in the art of trickery. After hearing stories of the Janitor from Dr. Dorian, the two now believe that Guy is his son. They’re believes are further reinforced by Guy’s mysterious past and personality.

The episode naming format will be changed to a 3 word title beginning with ‘The’. This cast is only the immediate characters I could think of. Should I expand on it, more supporting actors, especially nurses, will be added.

I hope you enjoy.

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