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posted by Seanthehedgehog

It was raining in Cape May. Harry drove his Cadillac to the police station. Camryn was also with him.

Camryn: Wait here. *Runs out of the car into the station*
Captain Ford: Camryn, what's the rush?
Camryn: Harry's back!
Police Officers: Yeah!!
Harry: *Walks in*
Police Officers: Harry!!
Camryn: wewe ruined the surprise. I told wewe wait in the car.
Harry: I had to use the bathroom.
Officers: *Laughing*

After a few minutes, Harry was back in his car driving around Cape May with Camryn.

Harry: The rain is still coming.
Camryn: I like rain. As crazy as it sounds,...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
I was flying south, away from Nova Scotia, when Gergely spotted me from the ground below. I was too high up to notice him.

Gergely: That's Sean alright. I can tell kwa the paint scheme.
Alinah: Should we follow him, and try to have him killed?
Gergely: We won't try to have him killed. We will succeed in having him killed. Gather the troops.

40 dakika later

Nik: *Playing Minecraft on the laptop* How the hell does this game still exist?
Britton: Oh dear god, wewe hate that game? You're not a human.
Nik: So what Britton?

Dan Noone came onto the screen in a live chat

Nik: Dan? wewe interrupted my Minecraft...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
While Alan stood with Harry, Camryn, and Stuart, watching their suspect go to jail, Harry noticed something.

Harry: hujambo Alan, let me have a closer look at that gun.
Alan: *Gives Harry his gun*
Harry: *Looks in the cylinder, seeing eight bullets* You've upgraded this thing to hold eight bullets?
Alan: Nah. The whole gun is brand new.
Harry: What happened to your six shooter?
Alan: Sold it, so I could buy this. wewe really don't need to make a big fuss over this.
Harry: I'm sorry. I thought we were calling ourselves six shooters.
Stuart: Where did wewe get that idea?
Harry: Well unlike wewe and Camryn, me...
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Song: link

Johnny: *Yawning as he stretches his arms* We're starting already? It's not 8 PM.
S.B: I'm going on vacation! *Walking away with two suitcases*
Ian: *Stops inayofuata to Johnny*
Johnny: He's not the creator of the show, is he?
Ian: He does have the initials, S.B.
Johnny: Yes, and he also looks exactly like me.
Ian: ...right. Hello everyone, I'm Ian from Trainz, and I'm hosting Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories. Good morning, and let's get started. Here's our lineup.

8 AM


8:30 AM

Gran Turismo - Bak2Bak

This is another story with Con Mane in it. Right now he is planting explosives in a...
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Song: link

Blossom: *With Bubbles, and Buttercup* Welcome back.
Bubbles: And enjoy, Golden Iris.

Welcome to another story about a spy named Con Mane. We begin at a Mexican nuclear base.

Con: *runs onto dam*
pilot: *flies past Con*
Con: *ties himself to guardrail*

Con jumped, as the rope slowly let him down toward part of the base. A few dakika later he was inside.

Mexican pony777: *watches T.V.*
Mexican pony484: *goes to bathroon*
Mexican pony556: *leaves bathroom*
Mexican pony484: *reads newspaper*
Con: Beg your pardon. Forgot to knock *K.O's mexican*

From there Con walked into an unlit room...
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Song: link

Sean: *Horrified* What is this scary song?!?!
Blossom: It sounds like someone's going to crash!
Henry: Duuuh, what's a crash? *Crashes into James*
James: *Sighs*
Sean: I'll go get a crane.
Blossom: While that gets fixed, I shall start tonight's segment of the S.S.S.S. I'm Blossom from Sean Meets The Powerpuff Girls, and I got a good line up for you.

8 PM - Now

Anata No Tenkei-Tekina Anime
Gran Turismo

8:30 PM - Later

Con Mane: Golden Iris

Girls: *Playing Rock & Roll music* Anata No Tenkei-Tekina Anime!! Anata No Tenkei-Tekina Anime!! Which is Japanese for, which is Japanese for... *Drum...
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Song (Start at 4:16): link

Liz: *Playing guitar*
Liam: *Playing drums*
Master Sword: Come on over everyone! We got some great muziki for you.
Skywalker: Did wewe forget that we have a onyesha to run?
Master Sword: You're the host wewe know.
Skywalker: Oh, that's right. Hi folks. Skywalker from Bartholomew here, and welcome to the S.S.S.S. This is our last onyesha of the month. We'll be taking the 31st, and April 7th off to celebrate April Fools, and the beginning of April itself.
Wilson: Does anyone even celebrate April Fools anymore?
Skywalker: Not that I know of. Anyway, here's tonight's schedule.

8 PM - Now...
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Song: link

Shayne: *Nervously listens to the music*
Kevin: I don't think this is good!
Hawkeye: Usually something bad happens when this song is playing!
Sean The Hedgehog: Run away!
Sonic: I sekunde that!

Everyone ran away.

Saten Twist: *Appears* Where did everyone go? I'm the host for tonight's segment of Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories. The name is Saten Twist kwa the way, and I'm in On The Block. The schedule for tonight is down below.

8:00 - Now

Ponies On The Rails - Back2Back

8:30 - Later

On The Block
Adventures of Thomas & Friends

Theme song >>>> link

Seanthehedgehog presents...
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Rainbow Dash: *Flying in the sky*
Applejack: *Drunk, holding a shotgun* Oh look, it's an eagle. *Shoots upinde wa mvua Dash*
Tom: *Points at Applejack* Thankfully I'm nothing like that pony. I'm Tom Foolery from On The Block, and this is Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories. You'll be pleased to know that this is my sekunde time hosting this series. With that, it's time to view this week's schedule.

On The Block: Rated TV-14
My Little Pornstar: Rated TV-MA
My Little Pornstar: Rated TV-MA

Tom: We'll have part 2 on here at 8:20, and part 3 at 8:40. Enjoy the...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Song: link

From Northern Ireland, Johnny, Derek, and Benjamin quickly made it into Zaragoza.

Johnny: wewe ever been to Spain before Ben?
Benjamin: Once, but not in this city.
Flight Attendant: Attention all passengers, we will land in Zaragoza in five minutes. Please make sure that wewe have all of your belongings, and remain seated until the aircraft has come to a complete stop.
Johnny: Not a partial stop.
Derek: Because during a partial stop...
Johnny & Derek: I partially get up!
Benjamin: *Laughing*

The plane landed, and when the three walked into the terminal, they were greeted kwa a man standing...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog

 Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!
Robotnik: Snooping as usual I see! *Talks faster* Snooping as usual *Slows down* I see!

Song: link

Naboo, six months before the events of The Empire Strikes Back.

Human 49: Attention Naboo. Ceci est un message important. La rébellion prévoit une invasion. Ils nous aideront à sortir l'empire de notre planète. (Attention Naboo. This is an important message. The Rebellion is planning an invasion. They will help us push the empire out of our planet.)

Meanwhile, far from Yavin 4, hundreds of Mon Calamari Starships were travelling with blockade runners, Rebel Transports, U-Wings, Y-Wings,...
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Song: link

Carter: What is love?! Baby don't hurt me! Don't hurt me!
Jesse: No more!
Wilson: Hey, wewe already had your show.
Metal Gloss: It's time for those back to back episodes of Ponies On The Rails.

Theme song >>>> link

Seanthehedgehog presents

Ponies On The Rails


Peirce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Red Rose From CrazyWriterLady

Coffee Creme From KarinaBrony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Metal Gloss From DragonAura15

Stylo From Jimmythedragon

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, Wilson, and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Episode 37

Accidents Happen

February 14, 1954

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Song: link

Sonic: *Playing with a laptop as it plays music* I am the DJ. Party on until the onyesha starts.
Wayne: *Dancing with Ms. Heart*
Leon: What are we supposed to do?
Stan: We are talking trains.
Sebastian: We cannot dance like anyone else at this party.
Xavier: I guess we need to be patient, and wait until the onyesha starts then.
Sean The Hedgehog: Agreed. While my cousin plays the role of being the DJ, I shall be your host tonight for Sean's Spectacular Saturday of Stories. I'm Sean The Hedgehog from On The Block, and here's our schedule tonight.

8 PM

On The Block - Back2Back

8:30 PM

Thomas &...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
I could not believe my eyes when I saw this picture, inaonyesha Frank Sinatra playing as Dirty Harry instead of Clint Eastwood. It would be interesting to see what the movie would be like. Wouldn't it? Well thankfully, I found a clip. It was deleted from youtube, so I have to write it out for you.

Song (Start at 0:05): link

Bank Robber: *Laying on the ground, bleeding with a shotgun laying towards him*
Frank Sinatra: *Dancing towards his victim while holding his .44 magnum as if it was a sword*
Bank Robber: *Tries to grab the shotgun*
Frank Sinatra: Ah ah.
Bank Robber: *Looks at Frank Sinatra*
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
It was dark outside when an officer stepped in front of Henry, and Dale.

Officer: Your parents are on their way now. Let's wait outside.
Henry: Alright.
Dale: *Follows Henry, and the officer outside*
Officer: *Takes Henry, and Dale, and waits with them inayofuata to a Crown Victoria police car*
Henry: The shade of blue does look nice in the sky.
Dale: I'll say.

Dale's dad arrived in a brand new Mustang. As he did, it started to get windy.

Henry & Dale: *Covering their eyes, as the high beams are on*
Officer: Turn your high beams off.
Dad: *Steps out of the car, staring at Dale*
Officer: Or, don't.
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Song (Start at 0:16):

Mortomis: Do wewe want me to be the host again?
Jeff: No! Get out of here!!
Twilight: Man, I'm hostin'!
Pinkie Pie: Nein!! *Fights with the other ponies*

As they were fighting, Snowflake stepped in the foreground.

Snowflake: They sure do upendo to fight. I'm your real hostess though. My name is Snowflake, from Ponies On The Rails. The schedule for tonight is down below.

Adventures of Thomas & Friends: Rated TV-Y
On The Block: Rated TV-14
On The Block: Rated TV-14
The Adventures of upinde wa mvua Dash: Rated TV-G

Snowflake: Are wewe ready? Because...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
When the siku turned to evening, Kevin decided to have chajio, chakula cha jioni at The Nut House.

David: How are wewe Kevin?
Kevin: *Gives him a thumbs up*
David: Your usual?
Kevin: Whiskey with a chilly dog.
David: Okay. *Goes to the kitchen*
Liz: How is it out there?
David: Kevin is the only customer for the time being.
Liz: Something tells me you're not happy with that.
David: Kevin is the one that's not happy. He doesn't even want his usual.
Liz: Should I talk to him?
David: If wewe think wewe can help him, go for it.
Liz: *Walks out of the kitchen, and to Kevin*
Kevin: *Looks up* Oh, hujambo Liz.
Liz: Everything alright?
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Two months later.

Alan: *Walks into the police station*
Captain Ford: Alan, look what I just got. *Holding a letter* It's from Harry.
Alan: *Excited* Is he coming back?
Captain Ford: Yes. He's finally been discharged. We should see him later today. Right now, I got an assignment for you. wewe need to go check out a noise complaint on Lafayette Street. Some witnesses say it's coming from house 20.
Alan: I'm on my way.

As Alan left, a man with a suit, and tie walked in. He had very short hair.

Captain Ford: Hi. wewe must be the new guy. Your name is..?
Stuart: Stuart. Stuart McKing.
Captain Ford: This may...
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
After three zaidi hours of flight, Alan, and Harry reached Los Angeles.

Alan: *Watches the plane land*
Harry: First thing's first. Let's get our rental car, and go to our hotel.
Alan: Why did I let wewe talk me into renting us a Cadillac?
Harry: wewe didn't. I was going to rent one with, au without your criticism.
Alan: wewe just upendo those cars, don't you?
Harry: Don't you?
Alan: I prefer Corvettes. Why do wewe think it's the only car I've been driving since I was 17?
Harry: I'm not arguing with wewe Alan, we're here to have a good time.

They got off the plane, and proceeded to the rental car area.

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posted by Seanthehedgehog
The picha was finished being developed, and Harry was back with Alan in his Corvette.

Alan: Where are we meeting the Captain?
Harry: The miniature golf course. He's playing a round with his grand son.
Dispatch: Citizen's ripoti a murder on beach, pwani Avenue in front of Stockton Mini Golf.
Alan: Oh good, we can meet up with the Captain sooner.
Harry: Not that one. He's playing at the one on Jackson Street.

It didn't take long for Harry, and Alan to reach Emily's corpse, still inside her car as it should be.

Alan: We need to songesha this out of the way.
Harry: Put off the brakes, and let's get it on the right...
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