Bones and Booth wedding day!
Part three:

Yes, I know it has taken me forever to write this, but I had forgotten about it and then school was so busy! But never mind, this is the third part and there is only one zaidi part to go! So I hope wewe enjoy kusoma it! And that it was worth the wait! :) And btw thanks for being so patient!

At that moment, Booth felt as if his moyo was going to explode out of his chest. There he was on supposedly the most important siku of his life, sprinting down a busy mitaani, mtaa in a three piece suit. But he wasn’t actually as insane as the looked to passers by. He was running back to Hodgins’ house to get Bones’ precious Silver dolphin charm her mother had aliyopewa her before she died. But as nobody knew this, they all thought he was crazy. As he ran, and tugged at his bow tie, something caught his eye. He scanned the mitaani, mtaa and suddenly recognised it. Standing there in front of him was the Diner. The place where he and the upendo of his life had spent many evenings talking and getting to zaidi about each other. He smiled to himself as he thought back. He was just about to start running again when someone shouted down the mitaani, mtaa at him.
“Seeley, wewe son of a bitch!”
Booth winced as he turned around. He recognised the voice, even if he didn’t want to.
His brother Jared came sprinting over to him.
“Hey man! How’ve wewe been?!” Jared was smiling, which was unusual to see as Jared was the Booth Brother that was known as the broody one.
“Um, I’ve been good… no great in fact!” Booth smiled weakly but Jared didn’t notice, well if he did he never alisema anything. There was an awkward silence. Booth still hadn’t gotten over the fact that Jared had once dated Bones. Briefly, but he had still dated her.
“Look, Seeley, wewe know how I was travelling and stuff….”
“Yeah,” Booth looked at Jared. What has he gotten himself into now? Booth thought to himself. Jared was only nice when he wanted Booths help, which was most of the time. “So what is it this time?”
“I…. I’m in some trouble.”
Booth rolled his eyes. “Jared, whatever it is, wewe have got to deal with it yourself, do wewe hear me?” Booth was so sick of this, and he really needed to find that silver dolphin. ..”I’m done with helping you. Its time wewe stood on your own two feet!” Booth turned on his heel to walk away.
“Seeley, it’s not that simple! I’m in deep!” Jared grabbed Booth’s shoulder to try and stop him walking away but Booth just shrugged him off.
“I’m done, wewe hear me? I’m done! Today is my wedding day! And I’m off to get married! To the woman of my dreams! And for once Jared, I’m not going to let wewe ruin everything!” Booth shouted back to Jared as he continued on down the street. He was so pre occupied he didn’t look as he raced across the road. And he didn’t see the car screeching towards him……

Bones’ mind was racing. She bunched up the tail of her white dress that Angela had spent ages trying to iron out, all so Bones could look beautiful, well zaidi beautiful, on her wedding day. If only Angela could see me now, she thought to herself. Her once pristine white dress was now splattered with blood. She watched as the chaos around her unfolded. She glanced at her watch. Half an saa ago, she thought, I was in the church, getting ready, to marry him, and now. No, no, she thought. I can’t let my mind go there. She wondered how this had all happened.
When she left the church, no one knew why, not Angela, not Cam, and not even Max. She was looking for Booth’s St. Christopher Medal. His grandfather had aliyopewa it to him and Booth, being so selfless, had aliyopewa it to Jared when he left for India. But Jared had recently been back in DC and had met up with Bones to give it to her. When she met with Jared all those weeks ago, she knew something wasn’t right with him, but she brushed it off. He hadn’t known she and Booth were getting married. Booth didn’t want him told. He had disowned him. And I couldn’t really blame him, she thought at the time.
As she boarded the taxi she had found, a few blocks from the church, she headed to her apartment. The taxi driver was confused, and at first wouldn’t give Bones a ride. Thinking she was a runaway bride, he wasn’t about to be a part of her escape plan, he told her. Once she had explained, the driver was only too happy to help. Bones made it to the apartment and had gotten Booth’s medal. It was sitting where she left it. She quickly grabbed it and hopped back in the taxi and headed back to the church.
They were about five blocks from there, when the taxi came to a quick halt.
“What? What’s going on? I have to get to the church!” Bones looked at the taxi driver. His face had turned a very pale white.
“Wha…..” She glanced out the window and saw… “Jared….?” She opened the door and stepped out. “Hi! What’s going on?” Jared looked at her. He had tears in his eyes.
“Tempe… I…..” Jared tried to talk but the words didn’t seem to come out. He turned his head to the opposite end of the street. Bones followed his eyes. They led to……..
“Ohmygod! Booth! Booth!” Bones gathered up her dress and raced across the road. All the traffic around her had stopped and the passengers were starring. Some even had their cells out. Booth was lying there. Just lying there. His head was turned away from the direction Bones was running to him. She crouched down on the ground beside him.
“Booth, baby. Booth, come on! Booth!” She cradled his face in her hands. His eyes were shut and his face was a deathly white. There was blood everywhere. Although Bones was used to blood, it was different when it was from someone she cared about. Someone she loved….
“What are wewe all starring at??!!! She yelled at passers by. “Go call an ambulance! Do something!!” She started sobbing. Jared had re-appeared, this time with some paramedics. One of them instantly took charge. He glanced up at Bones.
“Its best if wewe take her away from here.” He told Jared.
“No. No. No. No. I’m not… I’m not leaving him.” She continued to stare down at Booth, hoping that he would suddenly kwa okay. She hadn’t taken her eyes off him the whole time. Jared tried to drag her away.
“No Jared! No! I’m not leaving him!”
“It’s okay Tempe!” He turned her to face him and he stared deep into her eyes. “We can go in my car to the hospital okay?”
And that was where she had been sitting for the last fifteen minutes. In the hospital. Doing nothing. Although there was nothing she could do, she felt so useless.
“I should call Angela” Bones said. She had been staring at a spot on the ukuta and she still hadn’t looked away from it.
“No it’s okay. I’ll do it.” Jared stood to his feet and took her cell phone. She watched him walk down the corridor. Just then, the operating doors flew open.
“Mr. Booth’s family?” The surgeon said.
“Yes that’s me.” Bones stood to her feet. He gestured for her to follow him.
“I want to see him.” She alisema firmly. The surgeon alisema nothing but again gestured for her to follow him.
“No! I want to see him now!” She snapped.
“We really should go somewhere private to talk…” He started. Bones knew this could mean no good. She slowly followed the surgeon through the doors. This is it, she told herself and took a deep breath.

The end of Part 3! The final part is coming soon! I promise! :)