Elena Gomez Harry Potter 7? Read!
Selena Gomez Wizards of Waverly after wants a role in Harry Potter! How would it be? Read!

June 25, 2011
Selena Gomez has a soft spot for Harry Potter and. would take a role in the saga of the world's inayopendelewa magic! After starring for three years in The Wizards of Waverly Place Alex, the beautiful Selena feels "expert" in the field of magic. "It would be great to have a small part in Harry Potter. That film has amazing special effects. "

Selena has an agenda in spite of commitments very dense, does not stop to think about his career. "I'm always on the move, but I certainly also the time to rest a while '. I like eating on the kitanda for example. I upendo pickles, potato chips, ice cream and hot dogs. "

And speaking of work commitments, Selena spoke of his album Kiss & Tell: "I wanted to do this first album to really learn. Really enter the world of muziki has been for me un'esperienzza different. It took a while 'to find my music, and understand those who want to be. I upendo my album and I am very proud. It 's funny, light. I hope this is encouraging for a lot of girls my age speaks of all those things that a teenage girl has to face: wewe fall in love, wewe leave, wewe lose some Marafiki along ... All this has created something very rock! "