Selena Gomez Selena Gomez...........@Pic Contest#!!!!!!!!!!

anusha666 posted on Sep 25, 2011 at 03:37AM
There is going to be 11 rounds.

* Post your favourite pic of each selena topic.

* Don't post a pic that's already posted.

-* You'll get props for winning:
*1st place - 10 props
*2nd place - 8 props
*3rd place - 6 props

round 1:-post a pic of Selena in white gown (long dress)closed
*1st place- zukania99
*2nd place- jenny_23
*3rd place- gaganjot
round 2-:selena gomez and demi lovato (closed)
*1st place- beautyangel96
*2nd place- Zukania99
*3rd place- mariatsaltaki7
round 3:-Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas (closed)
*1st place-Diane1
*2nd place-JBLUV11
*3rd place-mariatsaltaki7
round 4:-Selena Gomez as Alex Russo from wizards of Waverly place (closed)
*1st place- Diane1
*2nd place- mariatsaltaki7
*3rd place- nevenkastar
round 5:-selena gomez in skirt (closed)
*1st place- lumina_louella
*2nd place- sidrah_mehdi
*3rd place- Diane1
round 6:-Selena Gomez with Miley Cyrus (closed)
*1st place- lumina_louella
*2nd place- Diane1
*3rd place- beautyangel96
round 7:-selena gomez in award function dress. (closed)
*1st place- lumina_louella
*2nd place- nevenkastar
*3rd place- mileysmartycyrus
round 8:-selena gomez fan art (closed)
*1st place-mileysmartycyrus
*2nd place-050801090907
*3rd place-nevenkastar
round 9:-selena gomez icon (closed)
*1st place- nevenkastar
*2nd place- 050801090907
*3rd place- beautyangel96
round 10:-selena gomez with scarves (closed)
*1st place- nevenkastar
*2nd place- lumina_louella
*3rd place- mariatsaltaki
round 11-: Selena Gomez with Justin Bieber
*1st place- diane1
*2nd place- lumina_louella
*3rd place- jenny23
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