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Sean&Emma - I can't believe that it's over.

time to fly;; emma and sean

Sean and Emma - Time After Time

Breakeven ~ Sean and Emma

sean + emma "something about wewe is so addictive"

Walk away. Degrassi Sean/Emma

Sean & Emma - No One

Emma and Sean Need wewe Now

Degrassi: Sean & Emma || Eli and Clare - Innocence

Multifandom Couples || Don't Wanna Lose wewe Now

Sean & Emma trailer.

Semma - World of Chances ♥

"his upendo is still in me, like a broken arrow"

kwa Your Side [(ALMOST) 300 SUBSCRIBERS VIDEO] Read Description please

Degrassi (Emma/Sean) I don't know why i'm still surprised...

Permanet Sean/Emma Tribute

emma/sean, craig/ellie - the only exception

♥ two is better than one; couples

"you're still an innocent"

"i never thought we'de have a last kiss"

semma/janny - like falling stars

Sean/Emma/Spinner - "Are wewe happy now?"

Sean and Emma - For the First Time

What wewe Do To Me - Multicouples

Degrassi Sean and Emma When I'm With wewe

Degrassi like we used to

sean/emma - beautiful girl

Sean greets Emma as he comes out of jail

Degrassi - My Happy Ending - Sean and Emma

all wewe need is one - degrassi couples

multifandom - use somebody

dear john - degrassi style

degrassi cast - speeding cars

All this time

sean/emma - thinking of wewe

Emma/ Sean and Craig/Ellie- The Reason

Degrassi Couples: You're Everything.

Sean/Emma ~Come On Get Higher~

emma and sean - ordinary siku

Knocked Up :: Sean & Emma

Sweet Disposition - Multifandom

Today Was A Fairytale - Multifandom

Sean & Emma - Pictures of wewe

2 AM (Emma/Sean)

Emma/Sean- All Fall Down

kelly/emma/sean - the way i loved wewe

Sean/Emma ~Before The Storm

Emma and Sean - Real Life Fairytale

Emma Loved And Lost

Semma: Let me hold wewe down

Degrassi Couples - upendo Story

Sean and Emma ;; upendo Story

Sean/Emma; Lovestoned

My Boo- A Sean and Emma Video

Snake/Emma/Sean - All American Girl