Serial Killers Which One Scares Wewe The Most

Pick one:
john wayne gacy
ted bundy
charles manson
Jeffrey Dahmer
Jeffrey Dahmer
Added by yolandi
Elizabeth Bathory
Added by daitheflu4u
Ed Gein
Ed Gein
Added by katiemariie
Moors Murderers
Added by apple-pie26
Jack the Ripper!!!- !!!!!!!!
Jack the Ripper!!!!!!!!!!!
Added by jacob4ever57
Robert DeSalvo. The Boston Strangler
Robert DeSalvo. The Boston Strangler
Added by james38
Aleksandr Pichushkin the 'Chessboard Killer'
Added by jacknifejoe
Andrei Chikatilo the 'Butcher Of Rostov'
Added by jacknifejill
Richard Ramirez 'the NIGHTSTALKER'
Added by deedeeflower
Scares me? None, I&# 39; m fascinated.
Scares me? None, I'm fascinated.
Added by tarokdeh
The Zodiac
The Zodiac
Added by SpikesGurl17
anyone they onyesha on criminal minds
Added by hannah16
David Parker ray - The Toy Box Killer
Added by kittysparks
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