Serial Killers Are wewe really mashabiki of Serial Killers?

Pick one:
Yes. I upendo them
Noooo I'm a shabiki of studying them
No... I'm just a Criminology major (or Forensic Psych, etc...)
I'm fascinated kwa them!
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I&# 39; ll probably become one.
I'll probably become one.
Added by DeadSkye13
no just want to see them dont like them just wondering NOT STUDING
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Yes, I like the majority of them. I hate the child...
Yes, I like the majority of them.I hate the child killers,&the rich 1's from back
NO!!! but it&# 39; s amazing when wewe explore their...
NO!!! but it's amazing when wewe explore their brains!
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 DrDevience posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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