Grey Suede Heels only at Susie Sawaya Sydney
wewe don't need to try too hard to make an impact when wewe have a pair of link stilettos in your wardrobe.

These classic designs are made for season in, season out use. No need to worry about what is in fashion - wewe actually CREATE fashion when wewe wear these amazing stilettos.

Grey Suede Heels worn kwa a valued customer, kwa Susie Sawaya Sydney

Today we have paired Jane Seymour in crushed patent apricot with contrasting kid skin grey suede in this collage. We matched the grey on Jane Seymour with a grey leather handbag. This is such a classic look with so much class.

wewe could wear this look for lunch with the girls, an evening out with your partner, au just to pay a loved one a visit.

Grey Suede Heels collage 1 kwa Susie Sawaya Sydney

Either way, wewe are sure to create an absolute BANG with your link Just go to link for zaidi information and zaidi fashion tips and advice. Susie Sawaya Sydney, Regal Shoes for the Regal Woman.