Sherlock sat in the back of the police car as they escorted him back to the brownstone, back to his family. He couldn't believe he was finally going nyumbani to them, he missed waking up to them every morning. As they pulled up outside, Joan was standing on the doorstep with Joseph.

Sherlock ran up the steps and hugged them both. Joseph held out his arms to him.
'Hey Joseph.' He spun him round and Joseph began to giggle. Sherlock kissed him on the cheek. 'I missed wewe so much.'
He looked back to Joan.
'But i think i miss wewe most of all.' He leaned in and kissed her. The kiss only last a moment but Joan could tell how much he missed her. They went inside and set Joseph down in his play room.
'I can't believe i'm back, i never want to leave again.'
'We don't want wewe to either.'
Joan leaned up and kissed him, he eagerly kissed her back. He missed her so much. He began to trail kisses down her neck.
'Not here.'
He forgot where they were, he looked to see Joseph playing with his toys.
'Opps' Joan began to laugh. 'I forgot..' He started to laugh himself.
'We'll continue later.' She left the room and he followed eagerly. He found her in the kitchen, he went up and wrapped his arms around her waist.
'When is 'later?' Joan giggled.
'Later, as in not now.' Sherlock groaned as he planted his head on her shoulder.
'Alright, i need to go to the station anyway.'
'What for?'
'Oscar and Olivia are there, Gregson wants me to talk to them about going to rehab.'
'I hope they do, it will do them good.'
'Yeah.' He kissed her shoulder. 'Me too.'

He arrived at the station to see Gregson had started without him, he took a moment to oberve them. Oscar was twitchy from not having a fix but he wasn't wanting to go to rehab and Olivia wasn't looking at anyone, she was nervous. He knocked on the door.
'Sorry to interupt.' He sat down inayofuata to Gregson. 'Hows it going?'
'Oscar is determinded he's not going and Olivia hasn't alisema a word since we found her.'
'Look im going to rehab, my sister isn't going to rehab end of story.'
'Oscar, listen to me. I've been where wewe are, i've ended up at the lowest point and i thought i'd never come back from it. But i did. I went to rehab, got myself clean, i got a job and from their i built a life. I now have a wife and a son. i want that for you, the both of you. All wewe have to do is realise the truth.'
He looked over at Olivia.
'What do wewe think? We can help wewe too, wewe have experienced far zaidi then wewe brother. Micheal made wewe sleep with other men, he sold wewe for money. Rehab can help wewe come to terms that too.'
Olivia smiled at him.
'You were so kind to me, made me feel wanted and not just for my body. I want to go to rehab but i don't want to go without my brother.'

As he arrived back home, he couldn't help but think about the pair of them. He wants to help them but one is willing and one is not. He went inside and found Joan sitting at the table.
'Hey, how'd it go?'
'Mixed, Oscar doesn't want to go and Olivia does but she doesn't want to go without her brother.' He sighs. 'I need to get him to agree but im not sure how.'
Joan got up from her kiti, kiti cha and hugged him.
'You'll figure it out, wewe always do.'
'I hope so.'
'I think wewe need to relax, take wewe mind off it.'
'Well.. i can think of one way.'
He bent down and captured Joan's lips with his own. She respirocated quite eagerly, she missed him so much. He began to leave a trail of kisses down her throat moving towards her neck. He made his way past her neck towards her stomach, he stopped and looked up at her. She looked down at him and smiled, running a hand through his hair. He stood back up and pinned her against the nearest wall. He easily lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He kissed her again but this time it was zaidi heated. Joan broke the kiss to look at him.
'I upendo you.'
'I upendo wewe too.'
He carried her upstairs to their room where they remained for the rest of the night.