I havent seen this challenge anywhere, so i decided to post it.

SIms 4: Living with Monsters, is a challenge i have come up with.
Here it is:

wewe play as a female sim, 100% your creation, but here's the catch.
wewe are living with 7 guys, each one is Required to have the Slob trait.
wewe CANNOT control them, other then choosing their jobs.
The female Sim cannot have a job that requires her to leave the house (ex. Police woman/nurse)
your sim must survive with these men, until she either
1. get's married and moves out
2. Marries one of the 'Monsters'
3. au dies of old age.

wewe are allowed to ubunifu the house anyway wewe want it, with money cheats, but once your done with the house, NO CHEATS.

wewe can make a Youtube series and post it in the comments, au just play for fun. (But i wouldnt mind seeing it ;3 )
Good luck, Survive as long as wewe can.