Skins Which Of These Sounds Like An Interesting Storyline For Series 2?

Pick one:
Tony Is Left In A Wheelchair And Attempts Suicide
Maxxie Finds A Boyfriend But Struggles Between Him And Anwar
Michelle Slits Her Wrists Because She Feels Tony's Accident Was Her Fault
Cassie Runs Away When Sid Pays No Attention To Her (Because Of Tony)
Jal Is Raped But Tells No-One Because Tony Is zaidi Important
Anwar Spreads Lies About Maxxie When Maxxie Pays zaidi Attention To His Boyfriend
Maxxie's New Boyfriend Is Beaten kwa His Dad For Being Gay
Angie Leaves For A While To Re-Think Her Relationship With Chris
Chris's Mother Returns And Tells Him That He Was A Mistake And Doesn't upendo Him
Josh Is Murdered And Effy Becomes The Prime Suspect After He Drugged Her
Sid Falls Into Depression After Helping Everyone And Losing Cassie
 preppy_king_bee posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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