Just a few bila mpangilio things I've noticed in the onyesha as well as some opinions on certain things.. :)

1) Am I the only one that noticed that the Captain shares the last name of the man who wrote the original short story of Sleepy Hollow? Captain Irving and the original mwandishi was Washington Irving. Eh, eh?? I wonder if this is any kind of foreshadowing for the Captain's role in the onyesha later on. I have gotten the feeling that he might know zaidi than he has led us to believe and I want to know which side he's really on. Then again, this may just be a mere coincidence and maybe he is just a regular guy caught up in this Supernatural mess.

2) JENNY AND THE CAPTAIN HAVE BEEN SHIPPED. Does Captain have a wife? Oh well. Their bickering in the newest episode sealed the deal for me.♥

3) Am I the only one that wanted to ngumi, punch Abraham? I mean seriously, Ichabod didn't have to woo Katrina for her to fall in upendo with him. In fact, seeing Katrina's personality, it's likely that's exactly how she fell for him. Though the time's were different then, but still. Except Ichabod could have used a slap over the head, too. That was the worst time to tell him what was going on. It should have waited. I still want to ngumi, punch Abraham, though. "Katrina is my prize". Pshh. I wonder if maybe Abraham and Ichabod could ever reconcile.

4) I feel bad for Brooks. Poor guy. I wonder how he ended up on the bad side. Maybe a near-death experience and Moloch saved Brook's life under the condition that he must do Moloch's bidding..? Hmm.

5) My last point is about the Abbie x Ichabod ship. I haven't quite decided if I ship them as a couple, yet. Good friends? Absolutely, but I'm still not quite sure if there's a romantic spark between them yet. Just because it's a man and woman working together, doesn't mean they have to fall in love. Plus Ichabod and Katrina's relationship is just so awesome. Maybe they could bring Katrina back to life like Brooks did with that one evil witch lady, Serilda.

Gah, I upendo this show. So excited for the inayofuata episode! :D