I wanted to like the season one finale. I really did. And I know a huge part of finales like this is to leave us with a big cliffhanger so we're all on the edge of our seats going "OHMYGAWD, what's going to happen next?!" and start crossing the days off the calendar to count down the days to Season 2, Episode 1.

They accomplished that. Definitely.

But why this way? It kills me that Henry turned out to be Jeremy. On one hand, cool! Ichabod's son is still alive! Except there's a big problem: Jeremy is the sekunde Horseman. So basically none of it really matters. Jeremy struck a deal with Moloch and he's the Second Horseman. He can't really have this sudden revelation and decide to back out of the deal. It's basically not an option.

Which also means that Ichabod is now going to be faced with the hard task of killing his son. au at least, subduing him kwa binding him somehow au something. He is the sekunde Horseman, after all, so killing him probably isn't a real option.

Plus, I liked Henry. I really liked Henry. And now this awesome character, Henry, is actually a self-centered, bitter, and angry Jeremy Crane. Can I blame him? Not really. Okay, kind of. Maybe a little bit. Only because Jeremy/Henry saw how much it hurt Ichabod to find out that he had a son that was buried alive kwa Katrina's own coven. The man was furious with Katrina's coven and didn't do much to prevent their fate, that I could remember. In fact, he didn't seem like he really wanted to kill the Golem because he knew that Golem was his only connection to his Lost son. I get that, as a child, Jeremy really needed a guide and that no one was there for him, except for Golem. But how can he be so blind to the pain his parents went through? It tortured Ichabod when he found out he had a son and that Ichabod never even got the chance to be a father to his son (lol, guess he does now. I wonder how that'll go), which he so badly wanted to do. I have no doubt that Katrina wouldn't have done what she did if she had known what would have happened to Jeremy. And Ichabod never even knew Katrina was pregnant. He never knew she gave birth to their son. He never knew about it and never got the chance to be the father he wanted to be because Abraham, the guy who Jeremy has just happened to team up with, tried to kill him. And would have succeeded if Katrina hadn't buried him and put that spell on him so he'd be able to live and wake up after two centuries. Yet, Abraham is apparently Jeremy's bud and he knocked Katrina out, letting Abraham run off with his own mother. And then Jeremy threw Ichabod in the coffin that he was stuck in. Like "lol, I don't care that wewe didn't know I existed until like a week zamani and that you've loved me since wewe found out about me even though wewe thought I was already dead".

This stuff just doesn't sit well with me. Part of me isn't really sure about watching Season 2 now, with this development, but I know I will. Oh, the frustrations.