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 sonadow!!! =^,^=
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I eat breathe cough talk live look see listen hear wear drink & breathe sonadow!
sanaa ya shabiki
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this is veary funny all though at one part Sonics arms are blue instead of peach. dont watch if not a Sonadow shabiki but then why would wewe be heree doh
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CHARMY pod fill dhahabu chaos water
NEEDLIE dhahabu fill with black chaos water
blood DNA 2 quills
1 ice white yellow quill 2 black hot red quill
the NEEDLIE went into the iv in CHARMY arm
CHARMY glow dhahabu chaos water bubbling pod stop
and there was CHARMY doom dark the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
CHRAMY age 11/in HIGHT 6.0/ageless/immortal
black dhahabu quills like sorrow
gold round his zumaridi, zamaradi blue eyes
ice white chest fur, manyoya like silver
gold ands feet end tail ERS
marks on his arms legs tail FORHEAD ERS
ice white ice blue inhibitor rings dhahabu marks on them
ice blue ice white hover shoes dhahabu marks on them...
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Sonic: *knock knock*

Shadow: "ugh, come in!"

Sonic: "Hey shads! What's up?"

Shadow: "The ceiling...."

Sonic: "Ha, Ha. Shadow you're such a jokester!"

Shadow: *sarcastic laughter* "uhhh huh, I'm sooooo funny!" *rolls eyes*

Sonic: "hey watcha watching on TV there?" *Walks over but then trips* "GAH!"

{ at that moment sonic is ontop of shadow, and there is 30 sekunde of complete silence}

Shadow: "Wow, You're so soft sonic."

Sonic: "I'm so sorry, Shadow! Oh, let me get up" *about to get up until.......*

{ Shadow then pulls sonic back ontop of him to aggressively kiss him}

Sonic: "mmmmhhh."

Shadow: *Sonic pulls...
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