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sorry my story skipped right to the point.ill try to make it longer.well here it is ,hope wewe like it. 'SHADS,YEAH!!' OH,FUCK!,YOU SO GOOD AT THIS,BABY! shadow smiled and alisema 'you want some more,sonic.' YES,GIVE IT TO ME!' shadow continue to fuck his lover.shadow and sonic moaning,sonic moaning harder. 'SHADOW!',OH!' shadow stopped,sonic alisema 'hey wewe can wewe songesha over a little.' 'yeah- .sonic tricked shadow and flipped him over.'hey wewe tricked me' 'yeah and? sonic alisema in a sexy tone. 'oh,sonikku youre turning into a badass,i like it.' sonic was on juu of shadow riding him slowly.'oh yeah...
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posted by girlyshadowfan
shadow looked at sonic .sonic didnt even notice untill at couple of dakika later.'umm shadow,why are wewe staring at me' 'well sonic i was thinking and i want wewe and me to take it to the inayofuata level' sonic was shocked 'SHADOW!' 'I DONT KNOW ITS BEEN MONTHS SINCE WE KNEW EACH OTHER AND-'Cut of kwa shadow. 'sonic i dont care i know ill be with wewe forever',i want to onyesha you... how much i upendo you.''oh shadow,' ' so do wewe want to sonic' 'shadow,yes,take me away,baby.' shadow turned on the radio to the song 'love game kwa lady gaga' shadow picked sonic up. 'OH SHADOW YOURE SO ROMANCTIC!' "LESS TALK,MORE FUCK." shadow thew sonic on the bed. shadow started to bang into sonic. "OH SHADOW!'
posted by girlyshadowfan
"she better not tell" shadow alisema "clam down shadow i know Amy she wouldnt" "we should go to your house,i have a surpise for you!"sonic alisema smricking "yeah whatever" "shadow shes not going to tell i pomise"sonic kissed shadow on the cheeck ."now come on" "ok" shadow and sonic walked to shadow`s house .sonic opened the door .shadow knew it was going to happen but he didnt like ."surpise!" everyone he knew was there "get out of here NOW!!!!! shadow sceamed everyone was out in the speed of light."wh-sonic was intreuputed kwa shadow kissing him
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Me:Anything wewe guys wanna say?
Knuckles:...What the hell...
Me: o.o...Okay...Let's songesha on then! This will be in chatroom form, since it's in a chat room.

(7:oo p.m. Chatroom #2)

Now signing in:
Sonadow(as Shoadow)
Knuxouge (As Knuckels)
Cre x ails(As tails)

All: Hey.
Shadow: SHe showed you?
Tails: Showed what?
NIghts: I think i got the wrong chatroom...
Reala: Um...nights aren't we supposed to be in chatroom #1 with Mina?
Nights: Yeah, let's go!

NightsBrightz Has signed off
DrkReala Has signed off
Eggman: I don't get it,...
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