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This Sonadow sanaa ya shabiki might contain anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

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I can't sleep!... Maybe I'll wake Shads up. I patted him on the head. His sleeping face is so cute!

Huh. He's not reacting. Maybe I'll...

Here we go.


Normal POV

"AAAGHH!" Shadow shouted, surprised kwa the sudden kiss.
"Heheh, did that surprise you?"
"Of course it d-did!" Shadow replied, clutching his crotch area under the sheets. He was hard kwa just the kiss...
"Oh...Excited, are you?" Sonic alisema seductively, grabbing his arm and pinning it up against the wall. "You've earned it."
Sonic let go of his arm and bent down towards Shadow's sheath. He licked it once, and Shadow moaned...
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Foamy : *Grabs new paper* *rolls it up* *whacks sonic*

Sonic : OW! *sits up in his bed* *Shakes head* wat the hell man?!

Foamy : *unrolls paper* wadda u mean? *Shoves paper in his face* read god dammit!

Sonic : *Looks at it*

Foamy : the headline is a FAMILIAR hedgehog u've been misreble without. come on! He was last seen kwa that ermm...wat does it say?

Sonic : *Whacks hims on the head with it* SHUT UP!

Foamy : OW! oh fuck off bitch. everyone knows ur fucking little secret...U CANNNOT DENY IT!!!

Sonic : ...

Foamy : dammit. i cant get u 2 talk. but that doesnt mean i cant get u 2 move! *pushes him towards...
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Containsz Sexual Crap /.\
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today like any other siku fighting egg man
but siku my 15th thought sonic
I was sent this ice blue zumaridi, zamaradi wind marks on
in a pod box with USB cable connected to it
with a zumaridi, zamaradi blue ice blue window 20000
laptop build in webcam mm thought sonic
there was a ice blue journal project sonic on
the cover sonic was shock opining the journal
dear sonic my name is professor GRYO
you may not BELIVE what I after till wewe young one
but its all true every word of it true
I crated both your mom dad both of them are male
hermaphrodite /ageless/immortal
you was born in the mwaka 2021 not the timeline
you are...
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CHARMY pod fill dhahabu chaos water
NEEDLIE dhahabu fill with black chaos water
blood DNA 2 quills
1 ice white yellow quill 2 black hot red quill
the NEEDLIE went into the iv in CHARMY arm
CHARMY glow dhahabu chaos water bubbling pod stop
and there was CHARMY doom dark the hedgehog
alpha ultimate life form god
CHRAMY age 11/in HIGHT 6.0/ageless/immortal
black dhahabu quills like sorrow
gold round his zumaridi, zamaradi blue eyes
ice white chest fur, manyoya like silver
gold ands feet end tail ERS
marks on his arms legs tail FORHEAD ERS
ice white ice blue inhibitor rings dhahabu marks on them
ice blue ice white hover shoes dhahabu marks on them...
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