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 Luv with a tattoo
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This Sonadow picha contains anime, comic kitabu, manga, cartoon, and mkono.

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after sonic and shadow had their shower. shadow pushed sonic on the kitanda and licked his neck.

shadow and sonic were still naked, so this gave shadow an opertunity to feel sonics cock. and so he did. he felt it lightly, then stopped and....squeezed it!!

sonic: oh agh. shadow.... wewe perv.

shadow: hehe. so, how bout another round in the bed?

sonic: ....yes my dear.

shadow: i upendo you.

sonic: .......

shadow: whats wrong dear?

sonic: i- i..... are wewe sure wewe truly upendo me?

shadow was suprised about what sonic said...

shadow: of course i do.

sonic: is that a yes?

shadow licks sonics muzzle and keeps talking....
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i like sonamy but...DIS IS LIKE GAWD AWSOME
anti sonamy
call me