Sonadow Who do wewe think Shadow deserves.

Pick one:
Sonadow { Shadow x Sonic}
Sonadow {Shadow x Sonic}
Shadilver { Shadow x Silver}
Shadilver {Shadow x Silver}
Shadow x Knuckles
Shadow x Knuckles
Shadails { Shadow x Tails}
Shadails {Shadow x Tails}
Shadourge { Shadow x Scourge}
Shadourge {Shadow x Scourge}
ShadAmy { Shadow x Amy}
ShadAmy {Shadow x Amy}
Shadow x Cream { If wewe choose this wewe are...
Shadow x Cream {If wewe choose this wewe are strange.}
Shadaze { Shadow x Blaze}
Shadaze {Shadow x Blaze}
Shadally { Shadow x Sally}
Shadally {Shadow x Sally}
Shadow x Mina
Shadow x Mina
Shadow x reader { reader means you.}
Shadow x reader {reader means you.}
Mephadow { Mephiles x Shadow}
Mephadow {Mephiles x Shadow}
Shadow x Maria
Shadow x Maria
Shadow!?! Fuck Shadow. Sonic rules!!!!!
Shadow!?! Fuck Shadow. Sonic rules!!!!!
Shadow doesn&# 39; t deserve anyone { Whoever chooses...
Shadow doesn't deserve anyone {Whoever chooses this sucks.}
All of them
All of them
Other { If it&# 39; s not any of these options just...
Other {If it's not any of these options just choose other.}
I don&# 39; t know
I don't know
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 MephadowFan1 posted zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita
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