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posted by sonicgmance221
Name : Ryder
Age : 20
Species : Wolf

AC : ***
SD : ****
PW : *****
SL : ***

Colors : Orange, Silver, Red, Black

Power : Firelight, Solar Flare, Final Flare, moto Transformation

Backstory : Born in a tribe where the family tradition of possesing the power of fire, But then one day, his whole tribe where defeated kwa an evil lifeform ( Like Spyro's). So he joined Spyro and his Marafiki to defeat all evil and to avenge
all of the people who has fallen kwa all evil that threathens everyone and everything.
posted by sonicgmance221
Name : Mya Alexander
Age : 16
Species : Hedgehog
AC ****
SD ****
PR **
SL ***

Colors : Light Grey, Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Silver

Powers: moto Shot, Gun Specialty
Backstory : Left her nyumbani in Sahanna, Mobius, Mya has worked with machienary for years and she is a good gun slinger with 20/20 vision so she can fly planes. But over the years, she has developed a relationship with Spyro and she starting to like him. He may even like her. There has been liking moments in their frienship. So they might get together in the future.
posted by sonicgmance221
Name : Cyan
Age : 15
Species : Hedgehog
AC ****
SD *****
PR ***
SL ***

Colors : Cobelstone, Cyan, White, Black
Powers : Triffle Tornado, Screeching Wind Super Transformation

Backstory : Left alone in Mecha City Cyan helps anyone in need, at the age of 8, Cyan Lost everything even his parents, so he and Spyro will always fight evil whe needed. He has journeyed with Spyro and Mya for a while and he is a believer in peace all around the world, but he sure can kick butt when he needs to au if he might want to.
posted by sonicgmance221
Name : Spyro Age : 18
Type : Flight
Species : Hedgehog

AC *****
SD ***
PR ***
SL *****

Colors : White, Black, Blue, Gold, Gray

Powers: Cinos Wave, Crypto Kick, Super Transformation, Cinos Tranformation

Backstory: Left with his little brother Cyan in Mecha City, Spyro devoted hisself to helping Marafiki and defeating evil that's anywhere at anytime. At the young age of 10, Spyro had Lost his mom and dad kwa a evil lifeform that almost destroyed Mecha City so he will try not to talk about it alot. But with the help of Mya Alexander and Cyan there may be nothing that he can't do.