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posted by Milesprowerfan
 I drew this! NOT A RECOLOR
I drew this! NOT A RECOLOR
There is a gory, swearing war between "Art Protectors" and "Recolorists." Don't call me a liberal (or Obama, for that matter), but I'm not in it. True, I removed all but 1 recolors from my gallery because I don't believe recoloring is right. True, I just alisema that I don't believe it's right. BUT I AM NOT JOINING THIS WAR!

On the "Art Protector" side of the war, people cuss at recolorists, au they warn them about "art-theft," which it is. HELLO PEOPLE! "Art Protectors" are not monsters half the time. Most of the time, they want to instruct au critique the recolorists and help them be able find...
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posted by Rachel_Savaya
Remember me? Well, I heard about what all's gone down here, how the fanpop admins stepped in and everything. So, I figured that now that things have calmed down and people are finally free again....
Well. I'm thinking that I'm going to return to fanpop. I really loved it here, and it broke my moyo to leave before.
I know some of wewe still have a bad impression of me, but I want wewe to know that over the months that have gone by, I've done some reforming of myself. I'm still me, of course, but I'm a lot zaidi mature than I was back during the rebellion. I can handle things in a zaidi mature fashion....
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Well, a lot has happened in the past...age that I've been gone from this site.

1. I have been diagnosed with Ehler's Danlos Syndrome

2. I am now in a kickass wheelchair

3. The condition has also affected my heart, so I'm to stay out of stressful environments and the like

4. I'm still making my game, so theres that.

5. Like I mentioned previously, my OCs have officially moved OUT of the Sonic universe and are now in their own lil universe I created. But they're all still there, Lyssa, May, Alyss, ect

6. I might still post some art if wewe guys arent too adverse to humans being ilitumwa (and if wewe are I totally would understand)


8. I still don't do art trades au requests so...don't ask lol.

Have a missed a lot here? I've been semi-updated on the Tak incident (in fact thats why I came back) but is there anything else I need to know?
posted by mariaxshadz
Birthdate:may 25
Age currently:14 and a half
Age at beginning of story: same age


Species:fox cat

Primary Color (Main fur/skin):greyish black
Secondary Color (Mouth, chest, ect.): white fuzzy mouth

Eye-color:emerald greeen
Other Eye-details:none

Does character have hair?:yes
(If so, the following)
Color of hair:greyish black
Style of hair:bangs parted on side and the bsck is mid back length
Does character have this type of hair often?:2 others some times but yes
If not, what other types/colors are there?:a party up do and gppony, pony tail

Weight:30 lb

Scars/Markings (Tattoos, ect.):two...
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posted by TakTheFox
I’ve been around the country a few times. Once I went with a group, the other times I was just travel alone. One of the places I found myself revisiting was the canyon of TansfR Hol. TansfR Hol is a large square. It has machungwa, chungwa glass for its floor and walls, with a magma lake surrounding it, and outside of that a large body of water. It’s mostly used for dance and special occasions, and almost always at night, when everything glimmer.

Below the Hol is the square canyon. It was an actual canyon once, but it was decided that it would be fashioned into a square to better fit the Hol when the...
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1. Your first FC ever?
2. Do wewe have a personal favourite among your FCs?
3. Have wewe ever adopted a character au gotten a character from someone else?
4. A character wewe rarely talk about?
5. If wewe could make only one of your FCs popular/known, who would it be?
6. Two FCs of yours that look alike despite not being related?
7. Would wewe ever be willing to give any of your FCs to someone else?
8. Introduce an FC with a complicated design?
9. Is there any FC of yours wewe could describe as a "sunshine"?
10. Name an FC that isn't yours but who wewe like a lot
11. Do wewe have any troublemaker FCs?
12. Introduce...
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Look I've been wanting to get this off my chest for awhile, in fact I think I've brought it up before. I don't completely agree with the rules and a few people (or at least one other person) can agree with me on this. I don't mean to cause drama but this is obviously needs to be addressed before people go crazy. Along with not causing drama, I do not wish to offend anyone. This is my opinion, it does not need to be enforced and I will not do so, I just wish to be heard and be able to make a difference.

With that said...

Rachael_Savaya made an makala about wanting a free club and I honestly would...
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posted by Rachel_Savaya
Alright... Once and for all. A message to everyone here. I'm tired of being looked at as the bad guy here when all I want to do is make this a place that's fair to anyone and everyone. A place where no matter your views, no matter the sexuality of wewe au your character, wewe can be here and still have a good time. This is what I'm trying to do. Under Tak's rule, that's NEVER going to happen. So here's what I have to ask.
Do wewe want change? Do ANY of wewe want a zaidi fair atmosphere here? au is it just me? Because if it is, and if wewe all just see me as a drama starter, then I'll just leave you...
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posted by TakTheFox
To say that my lack of acknowledgement and involvement concerning Rachel has to do with her maoni would be untrue. I am sure we could go through many various categories of right and wrong, and I have at least one specific topic I could point out to cripple a part of her statement (that is unless she has rebuked it since last mentioning it), but that is not why I have no interest in having any kind of debate with her.

Shadowxsonicd24 (I apologize if the jina la mtumiaji was misspelled au misnumbered) ilitumwa on the club about a mwezi zamani concerning spam-comments. During this they made accusations against...
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First Name: Drakero (Drai-kee-row)

Name Origin: His name comes for a portmanteau of "Drake" and "hero".

Middle Name: Almaldo (Al-mall-doe)

Last Name: Bonsachei ( Bon-sa-chei)

~Family Relations~

Almaldo (Father)

Drei (Mother)

Draco (Older Brother)

Ku (Sister)

Drapy (Younger Brother)

Hercul (Grandfather from Almaldo's Side)

Jilgma (Grandmother from Almaldo's Side)

Lumina (Grandmother from Drei's Side)

Drahon (Grandfather from Drei's Side)

Darby (Cousin)

~Friend/Foe Relations~

Silver (Best Friend)

Blaze (Close Friend)

Marine (Close Friend)

Sonic (Friend)

Knuckles (Friend)

Tails (Friend)

Shadow (Acquaintance)...
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posted by shadowsis98
Sonya : Full Name : Olivia 'sonya' De' Maurina
Age : 16
Personality : Happy-go-lucky,strong headed,determine,and a bit spoil
Appearance : Short light silver blue hair,emerald eyes,pink lips,sakura white skin,pierced ears.(dress? wewe just imagine it)

Ummul : Ummul Aimin Saifullizan
Age : 16 (two months older than sonya)
Personality : mature,serious,mysterious,a bit hot tempered,determine and have a soft spot for her friend,sonya.
Appearance : Dark raven hair with machungwa, chungwa mix red streak on a single bang,emotionless...
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posted by TakTheFox
“You don’t have a name?” Mickey asks me. I shake my head no.

“How did wewe get your names?” I ask them. “Are they normal names?”

“I was told mine on a note.” Mickey answers.

This word is strange to me. A note? His name was on a note? Like it was written on? Who did that? “What is a note?” Is the first swali I ask about this.

“It’s a piece of paper people use to put words on. wewe haven’t heard of those before?” chowder informs me.

“No I haven’t. Should I?” Was I… did I start with the wrong information? W-was I supposed to have more? That would explain why...
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posted by NintendoFan364
(Note: a update version of this will be made later on, this is just a temporary version so I can demonstrate this character for RPs...)

Name: Leo Thompson

Nickname: "Zelf"

Age: 42

Species: Hawk

Eye color: Red

Feather color: Grey

Outfit: Cybernetic jumpsuit(Reduces damage received from electric attacks)

Personality: Brave... yet oddly shady

Short back story: Leo "Zelf" Thompson was formally a member of a group of elite soldiers that patrolled a utopia who were skilled with sword... however after Zelf learned King Marxy's true intention, He turned against them.

Powers: Quick sense, Teleportation, Wind bullets

Abilities: Master swordsman, Really fast, Flight
posted by Hellowittykitty
Full Name: Harley Lucida the Fox

Age: 10

Height: "3 '3

Gender: Female

Species: Fox

Birthday: March 5th

Parents and Siblings: Brenda the fox, mbweha (mother)
Roy the fox, mbweha (father)
Nigel the fox, mbweha ( brother)
Kaona the fox, mbweha ( dead sister)

Appearance: Harley is a grey fox, mbweha that always carries a rag doll with her. Harley's hairstyle is two pigtails that hang down to her waists and are brown colored. Two golden rings are wrapped around her legs. She wears a light blue dress with a satchel. Her shoes are like Blaze's, except machungwa, chungwa and yellow. Her rag doll has two chartreuse eyes and a fabricated dress. Harley's eyes...
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posted by mephiles97

Name(s): The Terror, The Phobia, Haunting Phobia, The Stalker, The Scarecrow, Trick-or-Treat, The Bone Monster, Watching Eyes, The Silhouette, The One Impaled kwa Bones, The Black Fog, Hallowed Creature, The Field Stalker, The Field Watcher, The Spirit of Halloween (All of these are names that this creature has been labeled with over the many years that it has been sighted kwa different people. These labeled names most often pop up in police records of sightings au newspaper makala about sightings of the creature).
If character has one, REAL name: Hallows.
Reason for Name: People do...
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posted by mephiles97
Chapter 4: A Dream and Escape
Location: Dark farasi hideout, somewhere in Freedom City
Date: Saturday, January 3rd
Time: Unknown

Kyle slowly awoke, struggling to open his tired eyes. He was fairly shocked to find himself in a long, dark hallway. "What... Where am I...?" He looked around slowly, not being able to tell if he was actually awake au not. "I... don't believe that I'm awake... This has to be some kind of dream..."

"Indeed, it IS a dream," A voice spoke to Kyle. Kyle whirled around, trying to see where the voice was coming from. "In fact, this is zaidi of a vision than it is a dream,"...
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Gizbin the hedgehog

Silver fur, manyoya as silky as can be,
ocean blue tints at the tips can be seen.
Shining dhahabu eyes,
a symbol of wealth.
A creature full of lies,
Selfish and high in stealth.
Chest covered kwa armour,
Life a adventure full of drama.
Has a son,
nearly died with his mother.
Suffer and cried,
strides made him tougher.
Wishing that he would've reached out,
wondering when he wouldn't and would be there.
Eyes full of horror,
icy blood and moyo sunk in terror.
The ghost off this monster rose from hell,
wewe would be thankful not to see a blink of Gizbin.

Gizbin the hedgehog.(God of horror)
posted by Giz_4ever
Name: Zem the wolf

Surname: Hunter

Animal: Wolf

Eye colour: Golden/Orange

fur, manyoya colour: He has bright green is mainly his colour of fur, there is shades of darker green as his hair and tail etc.

Clothes: He has a black jacket, brown au blue trousers.

Accessories: He has a brown ukanda and he sometimes wheres a ring on his wrist.

Extras: He has chest fur, manyoya and silky fur, manyoya all over.

Role: He is sorta normal, but he has one power and that is telepathy.

Fun fact: He is a bit flirty and pervy at times. XD
Jojo: *running through the forest*......*comes to a point and stops*.....Mom?.....Is...She gone...?

Gizbin: *appears beside him*

Jojo: Father!

Gizbin: *grabs him*

Jojo: Ahh! *teleports and appears beside Mercury's body* ....Mom?.....Mom?! *bends down beside her and feels for a pulse*

Jojo: .......Oh mom...*cries*

Gizbin: *appears inayofuata to her again*

Jojo: Father no!

Gizbin: Your next....*growls*

Jojo: Please Father! no!

Gizbin: Yes! *grabs Jojo*

Jojo: AHHHH!!!!*screams*

To be continued..
posted by silverstream101
 Tempest the mbwa mwitu (Now 18)
Tempest the Wolf (Now 18)
ok...i give trying 2 type it as a ill just use as a paragraph...still 1st person though...hope u like it ^_^
____________________________________ life was no real walk in the fact...i hated it. My dad Rider the mbwa mwitu was a villian...and might still b...i dont even know if hes still even alive. Truthfully? i dont really care either way. I HATED it when he forced me 2 watch as he torchured people...but i did as he told me....if i didnt i was treated just bad as his prisoners...i BECAME a prisoner. But my life changed when a lil spy girl got caught...thats when EVERYTHING...
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