At The hedgehog's house:
Magic:(reading a magazine)
Shadow:(watching Magic) (thinking) why does my moyo beat increase each time i see her? Is it because i upendo her? I cant be this is so wrong. She's my sister.
Magic:(feeling her brother's confusion, she puts down magazine and looks at him with purple eyes) Shadow are wewe ok?
Shadow:(blushing) yeah, im ok
Magic:(sees Shadow's blush and puts her hand on Shadow's forehead) your head is a little warm
Shadow:um Magic
Shadow:what does it mean when your moyo beats rapidly when wewe see someone
Magic:(smiles and giggles) it means wewe upendo them silly
Shadow:is it weird for that to happen between siblings
Magic:a little but wewe cant help who wewe fall in upendo with
Shadow:yeah wewe can't
Magic:ill be right back. Im going to get a thermometer. (Gets up and leaves)
Shadow:so it is true i do upendo her
Magic:im back shadow
Shadow:(turns a deeper red)
Magic:open up Shadow
Shadow:(opens mouth)
Magic:(puts thermometer in Shadow's mouth)
5 dakika later:
Magic:(pulls thermometer out of Shadow's mouth) hmmm wewe tempeture is normal. But why is your face red?
Magic:shadow is it ok if i try something
Magic:(leans mbele and puts her forehead on Shadow's and accidentally put her hand on juu of his)
Shadow:(thinking) what's the matter with me? I just want to kiss her very badly. But she's my sister. I cant do that.
Magic:im going to get your medicine, ill be right back (gets up but is pulled back down kwa Shadow)
Shadow:(puts his hands on her face, and brought her into a kiss)
Magic:(blushing and closed her eyes)
Shadow:(breaks kiss and look into Magic's now pink eyes)
Shadow:magic im sorry. I dont know what came over me.
Magic:ummm. (Smiles and blushes)
Shadow:(not noticing) im so so so sorry. I dont want wewe to hate me now. Especially since i lo- mmmmmpppppphhh!
Magic:(kisses shadow)
Shadow:(blushes and eyes grow wide)
Magic:(breaks kiss and puts her forehead against Shadow)
Shadow:whoda. Whatda. Whyda.
Magic:(smiles) shadow i upendo wewe too
Shadow:you do
Magic:yes, but as brothers and sisters do.
Shadow:(ears press down on head) oh
Magic:(kisses him again) but maybe a little more
Magic:(nods) but Shadow i cant do this
Shadow:why not?
Magic:shadow remember im (picks up hand and shows wedding ring) married
Magic:it's ok. Maybe you'll find someone you'll upendo zaidi than me
Shadow:(kisses her) i upendo wewe
Magic:i upendo wewe too (gets up and goes back home)
Shadow:i upendo wewe both as a sister and as a lover. At least i confessed. (Touches lips and smiles) at least she kissed me, but ill never find someone like her to love. But at least she alisema she loved me