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 The one siku i come over for dinner...
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sanaa ya shabiki
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posted by sexyluna34
it was on life was gonna change for the better:

luna:..*sigh* i dont know if i can do this..

magic: if wewe upendo him that much then you'll be me. :3

luna:thank you...*goes into a room to put on the dress*

luna:*from the room* why does the dress have to be white?

magic: im not sure.

luna: well i wish it were either grey au black.


luna: er can ya help me..i cant zip the damn thing up!!

magic: im coming.


scourge:uuugh.....why do i have to be in this?

silver: i have no idea,

scourge:....well this sucks.


scourge: i dont know if i can do this...god...

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posted by sexyluna34
i went nyumbani with scar in my hands..i could have been the happiest hedgehog in the world lets get started:

luna: *burst through the door* oh scourge!!! look who i found!!

scourge: *looks* .....0_o y-you found him...h-how did wewe find him??

luna: magic saw him in a school for orphan children.

scourge: wow *holds scar* hujambo buddy..

scar:..*burps* :3

scourge: *scar then crawled ontop of scourges head and sat there*

luna:...and wewe know what i have to do now scourge? *cracks knuckles*

scourge: meep 0_o

luna: put him on the couch....and dont let him see this..

scourge: *puts scar...
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