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 The one siku i come over for dinner...
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sanaa ya shabiki
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posted by sexyluna34
on halo:

sonic: run!!

silver: oh crap where is she?

sonic: i dont wanna die!!

tails: mina ..we have to help them?

mina: help who?

tails: the guys, lunas attacking them we have to stop her.

mina: stop luna? oh no..that would never work..we should never bother her when shes fightin in halo.

tails: but she'll kill them!

mina: that would be wonderful!

shadow: we need to keep moving men, double time!

sonic: i think we need to afraid she'll be picking us off one by- (lunas hand goes through the ukuta grabbing sonics neck) - one!! (gets pulled in then luna kicks the ukuta sending sonic with it)

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posted by Megan-the-fox
Megans life is very hard to put into a small story. If i were to put her life altogether it would take a million stories to right it. But she moved to where sonic and gang live with her sister liza. She had hard times but fit in perfectly. She likes to spnd her time reading, writing, au drawing. She keeps to herself with the exception of certain people. Megan likes to do activities with people such as movies, shopping, singing, etc. She does get bored just as easliy though and is currently making c's in math. Megan is trying to bring her math grades up though. Every once in awhile she leaves town and goes to visit family during the siku so she can be back kwa night for her shows. I will do a bio on her soon and i will also do a bio on a few other characters. Pertaining to : Liza, Ashley, Ruby, Sarah, Flame, and Tor.
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