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i upendo the way sonic look in this picture
posted by Pitrocks14
O.K., this is a kind of review and opinion at the same time. This time, I'm complaining about these haters who are accusing Sonic and some of its old games. Look, I'm not a huge Sonic shabiki and particularly because of the new games (which aren't that bad) and I've been playing with Sonic ever since I was little. I have no idea how old I was but probably among the ages of either three and 5. My first game was Sonic the Hedgehog two so I was a little ahead, but Sonic has been out before I was born.

Shadow the Hedgehog: O.K., so people have been complaining about Sonic ever since Shadow came out....
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Once apon a time in Station Square.Sonic:KNUCKLES I need you!!!Knuckles:Yeah Sonic.Sonic:I need advice.Knuckles:Ok whats your advice need.2 dakika LATER.You wanna what Amy.Sonic:So can wewe help.Knuckles:Do this.....THAT NIGHT AT A FANCY RESTERAUNT.Amy:This is great.Waiter:Heres your wine.Amy:Thankyou.Looks at wine.AHHHHHHHH!!!A week later.Marrige music.Shadow:Walks in front.We are here today to celebrate the marrige of such a great couple.Do wewe take this pink hedgehog as your wedded wife until wewe death do wewe part.Sonic:I do.Shadow:Now do wewe take this blue hedgehog as your husband until death do wewe part.Amy:I do.Shadow:TAILS!Tails:I have the ring right here.Shadow:I now pronounce wewe hedgehog and hedgehog.You may kiss the bride.They kiss.Amy throughs the bouke.Cream:catches it.And thats the story.Cyclone:Please tell me it again Dad.Sonic:Well ok son.Amy:Im here wewe can start the story.Ok. THE END
posted by COFblaze
ok im posting this on sonics because it relates to him.

ok i made this so i can better understand why everyone thinks that blaze and silver shoud be not trying to convert people who already is a silvaze just wanting to know.... please tell me why wewe think they should au shouldnt be....i wont yell au snap at i alisema this is for me to better understand..because so far...i think that silvaze is completely made up(excluding the fact that all couples are made up) they never showed upendo towards each other... oh wow..... they where both together in 06..thats like saying...
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