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 Sally and Amy crossover
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wewe all know of Silver The Hedgehog, at least i hope wewe do,and he has progressed into what he is today... a nieve teen.But, well, he has had some...trouble, trouble with being respected.But,that a changes one day... The Hedgehog is now in a park just sitting down and thinking peacefully. Well, until Shadow shows up. "Oh,hi there pot-head, I thought wewe were supossed to be at nyumbani making my pizza... so why arn't you?" Shadow loved picking on Silver. Silver alisema nothing and just sat there.Then, Shadow punched him as hard as he could causing Silver to nearly get pushed off the bench. Shadow yelled...
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 invader shadow
invader shadow
knuckle tallest:hi ladies and getelmans irkens were gana present u the invader irkens irkens:woo hoo yeah we luv u espio tallest:invader irkens come here right now invader irkens:ok *mean while* shadow:im gana be late gahh songesha stupid ships irken:hey watch in space idiot shadow:my name is shadow!!! shadow:finally im here irkens:huh shadow hujambo dont push me knuckles tallest:ur gana be with the ugly rats bokkun bokkun:*tears of fear burst out* ....... ghhh espio tallest:do i hear oh no its knuckles tallest:shadow shadow:yeahh yeah give me my evil plan knuckles tallest:u get a tuna sandwich, sandwichi shadow:wht...
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on the outskirts of zumaridi, zamaradi city
sonic is just getting a couple of chilidogs
shadow-(thinking)thinks he can mess around with my girl withougth me knowing?hes got something comming.
5 mins later
sonic walks off the bench and into the city
sonic-shadow?wat r u doing here?
shadow-well,wat a coincidence;u know wat i want
sonic with the huh? expression on his face.
shadow-i want u 2 quit hangin around my girl!
shadow-yes & as i recall u were at our house last nigth.u were the one that gave here that ring!
sonic-(surprized a bit)u know about the ring?how du u know i was there last nigth?
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shadow-hey ash,why do u have the phone in your hand?
ash-ummm...i was just calling...princess peach...peach,did i say peach?i meant elise!elise!
shadow-who the hell is elise?
ash-ummmm...a friend.
(shadow grabbed his clonge & headed 4 the shower.ash timed her call & waited 4 the water 2 run so shadow wouldent hear.)
sonic-yo tails!i got the game set up.(phone rings,looks at caller ID)what`s up ash?
ash-i just got done speacking 2 arianna on the behalf of shadow.she alisema the bo6th of us come 2 her house at around the same time but seperately.
sonic-how come?
ash-so shadow...
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