The aftermath of what occurred in the freezing cold became a devastating ordeal for the DWMA. While they were able to defeat most of Arachnophobia’s troops and monsters, their goal to retrieve the mysterious suit case from mbu was a complete failure. Sense then everyone within the complex never felt the same- often feeling depressed and upset. Maka and the others above all were very displeased.

What became of Kasey however was that he spent a lot of his life out in the hot dessert. He traveled far and wide, seeking a new hobby and place to thrive. There were times where he ventured into small villages and fought against evil spirits who wanted a taste of souls. While the villagers were very intrigued kwa his capabilities and insisted for him to stay, he declined saying that he would only cause zaidi trouble.

For a super shape shifter, learning to adapt is sometimes easy. Especially if wewe have DNA particles of “every” species- be it prehistoric, mythical, au those well known throughout the world. On his trips through the desert sand, Kasey often chooses to be a Dromedary camel. While nobody has ever encountered him those who do would be surprised if they were to see a lonely ngamia strutting by.

A few days have gone and Kasey continued walking through the steamy desert. He had ventured through dangerous sand storms, went four days with chakula and water, and spent little less time resting. For a lad like himself he knew he couldn’t quit.

On his long walks, he also never forgot Maka and the others. There were times where he wondered how they were doing and if they would ever retrieve that mysterious suit case from Mosquito. He then realized that the chances of that happening were slim, especially sense he was a lot tougher than what he appeared.

Just as he passed kwa a small oasis he could hear the sound of thunder, rumbling through the barren desert. This was a bad sign sense there would be no shelter for miles. He decided that the time to rest was now and quickly transformed into a tiny but adorable Fennce fox.

The first thing he did was built a shelter through the sandy kilima that was close to the waterhole. Using his little fox, mbweha paws, he dug ever so hard until he finally made his hideout. After that he went on a quick hunt and quickly retreated to his shelter just before the storm arrived.

Not only was thunder and lightning coming from the sky, but so were raindrops. It touched the desert sand and converted to tiny mudholes. The water from the oasis was overflowing, creating a small bank. Luckily for Kasey his nyumbani wasn’t at all flooded au destroyed. In fact, he was at lease seven feet away from the opening curled up with warmth and simply slept through the storm.

It continued through most of the night until dawn, when the sun slowly rose high. Beaming downward most of the mud and puddles had dried up. Near the oasis however, the water was not at all dried- it continued to flourish.

As he slowly made it out from the darkness, Kasey took a big yawn and stretched before appearing in full view. He looked around and was surprised kwa how much it rained. The water hole became zaidi like a small river bank and provided enough to satisfy his thirst.

After staying at the oasis for a little while, he knew it was time to continue. Instead of being a ngamia however he decided to be something different and turned into an African wild donkey, another desert dweller.

For about three hours his journey through the steamy desert pressed on. However, his power sense began signaling some unexpected waves. From what he could sense he knew that something troubling was happening from a different part of the world and that he needed to check it out ASAP. With his speed and long, powerful legs Kasey made yet another perilous journey, but to a different part of the world.

Kasey’s senses have lured him into the deep, darkness of the Amazonian jungle. The forest remained scarce and quite. Only the flow of the river could be heard. The darkness spread around like wildfire as not a ray of sunshine could be seen above. It was quite the scary place, but activity would soon come to the jungle bushes.

What became of Kasey however was that he was prowling silently through the jungle floor. He was a black-coated jaguar as he not only wanted to fit in with the diversity of the amazon but also wanted an excellent way of blending in with the darkness. All what could be seen from him were the shines from his solid dhahabu eyes. From what some people expect, he would be considered dangerous.

After crossing a section of the Amazonian river, Kasey decided it was time to take his journey to a new level. Using his cat-like instincts he started climbing his way up a very tall, old tree. He would continue his prowling through the treetops which was in fact a very useful if not skillful factor.

The jungle continued to stay silent. This started to worry Kasey as he thought something big was heading the way. To his amusement, something did in fact arrive in the dense forest.

A large group of strangers were strolling through the dense undergrowth. As they headed to where Kasey was hiding, he was able to recognize them as the same troops he encountered days before- the troop that was Arachnophobia.

Knowing they were around clearly meant that the DWMA were also somewhere within the jungle. Kasey, after realizing this possibility, knew he had to do something. He retreated into another part of the forest hoping to come up with a quick plan. After pondering for a short period, he finally had a plan.

Meanwhile, the DWMA were standing their ground preparing for Arachnophobia’s arrival. Maka, Soul, Kid, Liz, Patty, Blackstar, and Tsubaki were all together. While they were thinking about the battle Maka was too worked up to think about it. She had Crona on her mind and couldn’t deal with the fact that she was taken kwa Medusa.

A while later, the Arachnophobia troops arrived and charged their way to the DWMA. They too charged at the troops and a sudden “life au death” battle commenced.

As the battlefront was going on, Kasey slowly prowled his way to the area. Before he got closer an Arachnophobia solider was all alone as he tried finding the battle area. This gave Kasey an opportunity to take him out and using his feline skills, got the chance to pounce and knock him out. This was followed kwa a scream caused kwa the soldier and the others scurried their way to the direction.

When they arrived, they were shocked to see a black jaguar sitting on juu of the dead solider. They drew their weapons at the animal and were ready to fire. The cat however gave a slight advantage as he used his super speed ability to knock all of their weapons from their hands. Due to his skills at being fast the soldiers were now completely vulnerable and were defeated in seconds.

Other troops then came from the bushes in hopes of defeating the super human. None of them have prevailed. This started to create a disturbance for the other troops as many of their crew was defeated. The DWMA was also a little concerned as they wondered whom au what could be defeating them. What became serious to them was “if” this stranger was on their side au against them. Nobody would have an answer even if they tried coming up with one.

As the hours went on, the battle continued. Arachnophobia continued to attack the DWMA; while they attacked right back. Kasey meanwhile kept defeating the troops with just one swipe of his paws. It was probably one of the most impressive if not surprising battles of the century.

Kasey had just battle the last of the troops when his senses once zaidi picked up. He could sense someone leaving the jungle. Knowing how important it was to follow his senses, he quickly climbed on a mti and followed his senses until they stopped. He was now staring at a clearing, with the amazon River flowing way downward on the cliffs. He quickly looked around and realized that nobody was there.

But then, he saw someone running from a distance on the other side of the river. It was Maka, who was carrying Soul in his weapon form. He wondered what they were up to and why they would leave the DWMA on short notice. He decided to follow and would count on the DWMA to finish Arachnophobia without his aid.

Transforming into a Golden eagle, Kasey followed them higher in the sky so that they wouldn’t realized they were being followed. Where they went to inayofuata is completely unknown, but if wewe know the story of “Soul Eater” than you’ll have a pretty good idea what will come to next.