[South Park Elementary. The kids arrive at the classroom and they all talk. Mr Garrison arrives]

Mr Garrison: Okay, class, take your seats. We have-

[the kids ignore him and they keep ralking]

Mr Garrison: I alisema take your goddamn seats!!

[the kids stop talking and they sit down]

Mr Garrison: Alright. So as I was saying, we have a new student that will be joining in our class.

Cartman: What? New student?

Butters: Is it a boy?

Clyde: If it is, we can onyesha him how to throw rocks at people's trucks!

All boys: Yeah!

Mr Garrison: Okay! That's enough! Anyways, to answer your question, no. It's not a boy.

Cartman: Aw, what?

Kyle: I almost knew it.

Stan: Then is it a girl?

Mr Garrison: Well, apparently, yes. Now I want all of wewe to be nice to her. And if I hear one bad ripoti from her, you're going to be in big tro Everyone.

(The new girl comes in the class)

Mr Garrison: Meet Priscilla Smith. She just moved here from New York. Everyone say "hi".

All: Hi, Priscilla.

Priscilla: Um... Hi...

Kyle: Wow... (Stares at Priscilla) She's the most beautiful girl I have ever seen...

Mr Garrison: So Priscilla, can wewe introduce yourself to the class?

Priscilla: Um... My name's Priscilla Smith, and... I'm from New York City... And I just moved here because there was a tornado that was near there and me and my family decided to songesha here in Denver... And... Since my dad likes the Rocky Mountains, he had a desire to go see and climb it, Heh heh...


Clyde: Cool.

Mr Garrison: Alright, Priscilla, wewe can take a kiti, kiti cha inayofuata to... Uh... [Kyle points a kiti, kiti cha inayofuata to him] wewe can go sit right there inayofuata to Kyle.

Priscilla: Okay! [walks to her kiti, kiti cha and sits down]

Mr Garrison: Okay, class, today we're going to learn about History...

Cartman: Psst. Hey, new girl.

Priscilla: [turns around] Huh?

Cartman: Do wewe notice something wrong with Kyle?

Priscilla: No, what's wrong with him?

[Kyle keeps staring at Priscilla]

Cartman: Ooooo, look! Jew has a crush on Priscilla!

Kyle: [shakes his head] What? No I don't!

Cartman: Yes wewe do! Then why do wewe keep staring at her romantically?

Kyle: Shut up, fatass!

Cartman: Don't call me fat, wewe fuckin' Jew!

Mr Garrison: Eric and Kyle! Do we have a problem there?

Cartman and Kyle: No.

Mr Garrison: Good. If I hear wewe guys fighting again, then wewe two are going to bring your asses to the principal's office! Okay, class, now we're going to set up groups.

Bebe: Can we pick our groups?

Mr Garrison: No, Bebe. I'm the one who's going to set up the groups. For instance, Eric and Kyle, wewe two are going to work with Priscilla.

Cartman: Aw, what?! But she's just-

Mr Garrison: Eric! What did I just tell you!?!

Cartman: [sighs] Fine. Sorry, Priscilla.

Mr Garrison: Very well. Priscilla, if there's anyone treating wewe bad, wewe can just tell me.

Priscilla: Okay!

Cartman: Yo, Priscilla! wewe coming au what?

Priscilla: I'll be there! [brings her supplies and runs to Cartman and Kyle]

TO BE CONTINUED... Stay tuned for part 2.