wewe Know You're A Trekkie When:

1. Everytime wewe get tea, no matter the flavor, wewe say out loud, "Computer. Tea. Earl Grey. Hot."
2. wewe become addicted to Earl Grey tea.
3. wewe watch 5 hours au zaidi of nyota Trek every day...
4. wewe think paying $50 for a DS9 season is a good deal.
5. Hell. You'll settle for $70 as a good deal.
6. wewe start buying dolls of your inayopendelewa charaters off E-bay.
7. wewe get a strong, strong desire to start calling your cat 'Spot'
8. wewe believe that Odo and Kira are the cutest couple in nyota Trek history.
9. wewe know the song, "Life forms" and sing it. Catchy tune, that.
10. wewe check the mail religiously, everyday, for your nyota Trek e-bay items.
11. wewe buy a pin that looks like the communication badge, and place it on your inayopendelewa hoodie au jacket...in the proper location on the left side.
12. ...you actually pretend its useable, and tap it in public, and talk out loud to your 'Captain'
13. wewe collect nyota trek ikoni for lj and other community sites.
14. Your pictures file is full of bila mpangilio picha of your favourite characters.
15. Your little brother(or sister) is influenced into being a Trekkie.
16. wewe tell your mom wewe are cultured...because wewe watch nyota Trek and learn about various Alien cultures.
17. watching the science channel becomes another hobby.
18. A new interest/fascination in outter space occurs.
19. You don't watch DS9 only because of the characters, but because of the philosophical and pyschological themes that arise
20. wewe take out your elf ears, put them on, and tell your family you're a Vulcan.
21. wewe get a strong desire to ubunifu Futuristic clothing.
22. wewe begin to find older, balding men kind of attractive, but ONLY if they resemble Picard. Because he's sexy.
23. wewe tell your Marafiki which crew member reminds wewe of them.
24. Jokes about physics are suddenly hilarious.
25. wewe refuse to answer the phone while watching nyota Trek...because it would be an interruption.
26. wewe wonder if contact with aliens is possible, and gaze up at the sky sending out mental notes asking, 'Is anyone out there?'
27. wewe believe Odo brings a whole new sexiness to gambling.