nyota Wars: Clone Wars What did wewe think of Bran Invaders?

GalindaGirl posted on Dec 11, 2009 at 05:08PM
Hi, I want to know what you guys think of the latest Episode, Brain Invaders. I liked it, it was intensive, interesting, cool, and weird all at the same time. The worms are fascinating! But I’d recommend not eating during the episode, I’m not squeamish, but when the worms go up and when the get out, (shudders) Oh it was freaky. I liked how Anakin got Pogil to talk. I mean, he shouldn’t have. But it shows that the Anakin in the movies is the same Anakin in the TV series. But enough about the movies, the episode was awesome!

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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita jedigal1990 said…
i totally agree with you i liked seeing anakin show his dark side it also shows his attachment issues because one of the main resons i think he was so agreesive toward pogle is he knew ahsoka was indangered. i agree it was kinda gross but cool. i think it truly was an awsome episode i really liked the end when anakin is talking to ahsoka its one of the first times you really see him take on his role as master i mean don't get me wrong i love the action but i also enjoy the quite moments where you really get to know the characters. This whole season so far has been fantastic i can't wait til friday finally a new episode can't wait to see it but i really enjoyed that episode and all of them
zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita GalindaGirl said…
Me too, I'm pry gonna buy the first season of the series. But the 2nd, I just have to say is awesome and I have to buy that! But the series have never showed Anakin's Dark Side in him and this episode did! I hear people I say that the TV series sucks and not like the real. I hate that, I love the series! It's what got me into reading the books and becoming a Star Wars fanatic who loves pink and purple nail polish! I was so happy that I didn’t eat while watching, I pry would have gone pale like I did while watching the Colossal Squid document on Discovery channel. I liked the ending too, but Anakin was a hypocrite with attachments, he couldn’t let go did he? LOL! Yeah, I just don’t want Ahsoka to die either, I have a whole story of what happens all in my head because she’s so awesome. Back to the episode, I loved it and the whole 2nd season!