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This nyota Wars picha might contain ishara, bango, maandishi, ubao, matini, and ubao wa chokaa.

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I wanted to write this to express my dissent from the norm of nyota Wars mashabiki with regard to the New Jedi Order series of books. Many mashabiki (and kwa many, I mean 99% of what I've found) are very critical of the series, saying that the Yuuzhan Vong don't belong in nyota Wars, saying that the dark tone is wrong, and expressing outrage over the death of a beloved main character (I will not say the character's name, to avoid spoilers.)

I, however, feel that the dark tone of the novels was a nice change in the increasingly childish tone of the nyota Wars canon. Not to say that I dislike any of the childish...
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The following is a orodha of minor notes and observations that came to me, during my hivi karibuni viewing of “Episode IV: A New Hope”. I hope that wewe enjoy them:

Notes and Observations on "STAR WARS: Episode IV - A New Hope"

*According to the movie’s opening scrawl, Leia possessed the Death nyota plans that could “provide freedom to the galaxy”. Is that what happened at the end of the movie?

*Wow! R2-D2 really looks worn and old aboard the Organas’ ship, the Tantive IV. It is easy to imagine that he has been around for over three decades.

*Are the troops firing upon the stormtroopers, Alderaanian...
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Did wewe know that Jedi had cell phones...

Okay, not really. But if they did (or if wewe are an ultimate nyota Wars Fan), this is what their/your phone would feature:

-The lock screen would feature Princess Leia, with a blaster, of course
-The nyumbani screen would feature Luke Skywalker with a light saber
-The nyumbani screen could also be Han Solo. au better yet, Han Solo AND Luke Skywalker.
-Yoda and Darth Vader are also acceptable characters for the nyumbani and lock screens, as is the Millennium Falcon.
-The ringtone would be the main nyota wars theme.
-The ringtone for when your father calls would be the Darth...
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So a few years went by. And Leia still remembered that odd moment between her and Lord Vader. Then something weird happened.

" What...what is this" Leia asked herself. She was referring to this odd feeling within her. It was almost...a FORCE. Something telling her that her she has not seen that last of Lord Vader....something else though.

" OH that's stupid...and impossible" she thought to herself.

Meanwhile on the dreadful Death nyota that has been newly built and highly protected against a possible rebellion. Darth Vader was thinking of that Princess he met.

"Captain Needa! I want wewe and General...
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It's been quite a while since Ahsoka has seen Rex. They missed each other in the war. But now Ahsoka was going to come back from the war, although it never ended yet.

Ahsoka was on the Twilight ship with Anakin. They have gotten older, so they grew out of their old outfits and picked new ones. They landed on Coruscant and all the clones waited for their arrival.

Ahsoka: Oh my god. I can't belive that I'm going to Rex aga- *she stopped* Uhh, I mean the clones.

Anakin: Yeah, sure. kwa the way, wewe look great.

Ahsoka: Thank you, Anakin.

Anakin was surprised. He's never heard her say his real name. Now...
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