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posted by lovingflame
On the planet of Pira-after the first battle of Geonosis.

Ticara bowed low to the Keeper, the old man came mbele and placed a loving kiss upon his only remaining heir. His grand-daughter." What brings our gracious king's newest passion to see an old man?" Sicar saw the disgust on her face as she rose up from her bow. " When?" It was a swali all to often asked these days, one that he had no answer for as of yet. He looked out the window at the cherry mti that had grown so well in these 35 years. Under it the sad bundle that the Imprinted one had asked to bury in their garden. With only...
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posted by Persephone713
So Luke, Leia and Lando Headed for Tatooine. It was a such a ways out from other nyota systems. It was not even part of the Republic.

Once they reached Tatooine they knew they could not just barge into Jabba's Palace. Luke remembered where Ben's old house was beyond the dune sea. They went there to change into clothing and armor that would disguise them.

Then Luke headed back to the Dagobah system while Leia and Lando headed for Jabba's palace. " Please Hurry back Luke. I don't want anything to happen to wewe too...by the way, is something wrong. wewe look so shocked and scared" asked Leia worried...
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posted by Persephone713
We Know the story of Luke and his relationship with his father Darth Vader. But we never got a look at Darth Vader's relationship with his daughter Princess Leia. Enjoy!

That fateful dark and dreadful siku in the galaxy. Padme Amidala on the medical kitanda dying with only a few dakika to live, looked over at her two beautiful twins. She knew in her loving moyo that even though she would die, her children would carry on her strong spirit for what is right but not always easy....and though it was painful she thought of how they would grow up with a part of their now fallen father in each of them....
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posted by Seanthehedgehog
Orrian decided to disobey General Veers, and have Ozzel in charge instead of Jörgenstien.

Orrian: He left Naboo, and is going to Kinyen to celebrate his wife's birthday.
General Ozzel: A majority of our officers have left to take part in some war games on Mygeeto. Grand Moff Lebelt is with them. She has ordered Musker and the others to go to their usual spots kwa the beaches in Champalla. She is still convinced that the Rebels will start the invasion there.
Orrian: It's a good thing that you're in charge, instead of Colonel Jörgenstien. Otherwise, we'd be in trouble.

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Meanwhile on Coruscant....
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How dare wewe diss my cheese, wewe green pest.
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Go behind the scenes of Andy Serkis’ chilling performance as Supreme Leader Snoke. Get zaidi bonus footage today when wewe bring nyumbani nyota Wars: The Last Jedi
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