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-Foxfang- posted on Jul 31, 2010 at 02:34PM
I am Smokecloud, formally Smoke. I used to be a rogue, before Stormstar came across me. I was nothing but filth, disgusting filth and bones. But Stormstar had hope in me. She took me into camp and fed me a meal I could never caught on my own. Most of the camp greeted me warmly right away. I already felt accepted.

I was previously born in a Clan, but I was a very young tom. I can't remember what clan it was, or even my mother's face. There was a fire due to a lightning bolt. Everyone had scattered. I had ran into the forest with only an elder. She taught me how to hunt, and a little defensive techniques, but nothing more. Then she died...

I can't remember much about my past. But I known I've been alone too many Leafbares. I thank the Clan for accepting me into their society. Thank you Stormstar, for helping me find my calling in life. I also thank StarClan for bringing me here. I hope I can prove to be just as loyal as any StormClan warrior. -Smokecloud
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zaidi ya mwaka mmoja uliopita Moonstorm100 said…
awww! thats so sweet! ~Stormstar