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TalaLeisu2 posted on Dec 02, 2010 at 01:22AM
This is a forum list of all the cats working with the dark forest, and the cats they want to recruit. This is for Dark Forest commenting only. Training sessions are permissible. But if I catch StarClan in here I'm ending the forum. Also this is for planning we are not associating with the warrior code Clan cats.......yet.......These characters (except Pantherstripe he's MINE) are usable.

The Master: Nox- big brawny tabby tom with dark amber eyes and long claws. known to be candid

Kiki- tiny gray she-cat with blue eyes and long whiskers. known to be quick to kill and sharp on the claws.

known warriors- Burntface(apprentice- Sweetpaw), Shadowpaw, Fawnfeather(apprentice- Twistclaw) Nightshadow (Apprentice Eaglelight)
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