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We've previously reported that Hankyung of Super Junior requested that his contract be voided. Daily Joongang of Korea tried to reach Hankyung but was unable to reach him as he is currently in China. Instead, they were able to speak with his legal representatives.

- We heard that two separate actions were taken.
"To put it simply, the first action seeks to relieve him from the unfair contract and the sekunde action asks to suspend the contract until the decision is made for the first one so that Hankyung may act on his individual will for the time being."

- When did Hankyung start planning on this action?
"We cannot answer that. We can only answer within the boundaries of what is described on the file."

- His arguments are the same as that of the three members of TVXQ / DBSK?
"Very similar. Hankyung also has 13 mwaka contract with unfair terms."

- Did Hankyung have any contacts with the three members?
"We're not sure. He will soon release an official statement so wait for that."

- Has the tarehe for the first trial been decided yet?
"The file did not even fully go through yet. DBSK's case took about two and a half months until a partial ruling was aliyopewa and we expect about the same amount of time to be taken for this case. DBSK's case had numerous negotiations for settlements and couple trials so it took longer than usual. We hope that Hankyung's case would not be so long."

- Does Hankyung want to continue as Super Junior au does he want out?
"We don't know. Nothing has been decided in terms of Super Junior."

- We heard that he is preparing for solo activities in China.
"We haven't heard anything about that."

Stay tuned to Allkpop as the case develops.
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Because I Naughty, Naughty
Hey! I’m Mr. Simple
Because I Naughty, Naughty

SuJu ganda!

sesangi naemam daero andwen dago hwaman naemyeon andwae
geureol pilyo eobtji (Whoa)
geokjeong do palja da jageun ire neomu yeonyeon haji malja
mome johji anha

seong jeogi johat daga nappat daga geureon geoji mwo heung!
shil jeogi ollat daga tteoreo jyeotda geureon ttaedo itji
eojjeo myeon, gwaenchanha, shwieo ganeun geot do joha
modeun geoshi ttae- ttae- ttae- ttae- ttaega itneun geonikka

geudae ga namja ramyeon chingul manna sulhan jane teoreo beorigo
(Alright!) Alright
geudae ga yeoja ramyeon chingul manna suda tteoreo...
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ddanddaranddan ddanddaranddan ddadaddarabba
ddanddaranddan ddanddaranddan ddadaddarabba

neol algga malgga algga malgga neomu yebbeun miina
nal michyeotdago malhaedo nan niga johda miina
nuga jeonhaejwo My baby to my baby naega yeogi itdago malya
gidarinda malya (Baby, wewe turn it up now)

neon gatabuta gatabuta mal jomhaera miina
ni maeumeul gajyeotdamyeon geunyang naneun salmui Winner
i sesangui ichiran ichiran yonggi itneun jareul ddara
na gateun nom malya

yetmale Say yeol beon jjikeumyeon neomeoganda eusseuk eusseuk eusseuk
geunyeoneun gangjeok ggeuddeokeobda bbijjuk bbijjuk bbijjuk
nan eoddeokhalgga...
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