After meh battle against the realz sonic I wanted to stop kwa marths house but one problem I was completely lost!” Now were is he at again?” I asked myself while looking at the screen just below me. Two new foes just appeared in black shadows. I dropped my map and growled.” Not these foes again. As I started to land on a ngumi, punch some bila mpangilio hand grabbed be from above. I slowly looked up and noticed Meta knight.(the one with the red eyes) “Meta knight?” I whispered as he slowly landed me safely landed me on some reversal land scape.(Kinda like the Mario world) He than sat on a pole and stared at me from above. I than turned around and noticed a free hand smashing he upside the head. About 10% of my health was gone. I slowly got up to my feet and noticed my conpetive was Mario. He landed another ngumi, punch toward meh but I jumped up forming a homing attack on him. “Stop I just need to get to marths ngome im not here to fight!” I randomly outburst while noticing a slap upside my head. I trembled toward the ground trying to get up when a bomb was tossed at me.”Nnoooooooooooooooooooo!”The faint of my voice appeared off the stage. One life was Lost as I responded back to my feet. Finally Meta knight swooped in to save meh. “Well well dark Sonic needs Meta knights help ehh.” He taunted while slashing both peach, pichi and Mario off the stage with his blade knife. “I could of takin them!” I growled while walking away. “Kirby Kirby! Meta knights escaped from his jail cell!” The golden Kirby reported to his team. “What!” The blue one answered back! The pink Kirby dared not to speak. “Well well well meta knights escaped!” King de de de asked concerned. “Yes and his target dark sonic! wewe know the other sonic dude with black and white shoes and a darker fur, manyoya color from the original one! Hese my teammate” Finally the pink Kirby responded. “Dark sonic was a fool to fall for one of Meta knights tricks! That’s why im going after him.” Than the dhahabu Kirby’s hand grabbed the pinks Kirby’s hand. “Your not going alone with out us! Were like a family and family sticks together!” The pink Kirby slowly laughed to him self for no reason.” Team work!” He answered back while shaking hands with the blue and dhahabu Kirby. “Teamwork!” They responded back. King dedede walked back to his room. “Im lost! I’m lost!” I whispered to my self over and over again when I noticed a trophy case on the road. I slowly picked the case up and it snapped [Get meh out of here wewe dumbass!] For a dakika I thought. (Did it just call meh a dumbass?) It than started glowing into a shady figure as my eyes grew wider. “Shady!” I screamed while hugging him. “Oh great the dark sonic! (For your info! The girly shadow fangirl/the gay sonic) “Give muh your autograph!” I screamed while starting to sing randomly!. “Shad the hedgehog is so awesome and cute lala!” Shadow looked away from me and walked away. I than looked around to see shadow gone. “Oh well im going to get that autograph soon I just know it!” As im walking I noticed a slice of pie in the paved road. “PIE! “I outburst while chowing it down and noticed a whole pie tracking that lead to a bomb at the end. “Maybe I am a dumbass.” I whispered to my self when I was about to eat the bomb- bomb. As im still walking I than heard arguing. I just had to listen to it. “No I want Link! Not wewe Ike!” Zelda shouted while tugging away from Ikes grip. “Zelda look wewe only have one life left and if wewe go that way you’ll die and Ill have to restart the game all over again until wewe get it right!” Ike argued back. “Let meh die but I need Link first!” She shouted again while transforming into sheik. “Let meh go!” She argued again! Soon they ended up fighting. “Ugg Zelda people are just so dramatic!” I muttered to my self and noticed Marth walking toward them.”Marth!” Zelda screamed while running to her fave character off of moto emblem. ‘Marth would take meh to Link!” Zelda back sassed Ike with her tongue sticked out at him. “Blah blah blah what ever im out!” I whispered when all of a sudden the screen goes black. “Wha..” I muttered while awaking from my F**ked up dream. I than yawned and looked at Zelda and Ike sleeping inayofuata to me. “So it was a dream?” I muttered to my self again while standing up. Than Zelda awoken too. “What?” she questioned herself while looking at Ike still sleeping. She tapped Ike on the shoulder hut he was still sleeping. ‘Dark Sonic should I awaken him/” She asked meh. I slowly nodded my head. “No the boy needs his rest so just leave him.” I answered back while taking Zelda’s hand and started walking her back to her castle.