There is no doubt that PkmnTrainerJ and MaybeAStarbucks have put an incredible amount of effort into this spot. I knew that they constantly updated this site, but when I was looking through the image section, I noticed that together they have contributed a total of 60 PAGES of picha to this spot!

They have done so much to keep us up-to-date with Brawl news and they both deserve red medals. I thought the least I could do was dedicate a soapbox to them. Thank wewe MASB and PMTJ for making this such a fantastic spot, even before the game is out! Thanks to you, we are bigger than the Melee spot!

And it's not like either of wewe rushed through it au uploaded them without detail, each picture has a good description and a good set of keywords. I'd say that thanks to wewe two, we are better than the Dojo site! We have their images, video and news; and we also have picks and fan's opinions!

Thanks so much guys, wewe both truly rock