Okay, I know this shouldn't technically go here, but I just wanted to share with all of wewe guys how I think Dr. Robotnik can be introduced into the Super Smash Bros. universe in the inayofuata game. So, yeah. He's my crack at it. I hope wewe enjoy. ^-^ (Note that I'm using 3Ds controls for the commands.)

Super Smash Bros. 3D

Possible character songesha set:

Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik

The doctor will be in his mech introduced in Sonic Adveture 2 (Battle). He will have all upgrades.

Ground songesha Set:

B: The kanuni, cannon which is fired when the lock-on sequence is initiated. The range is very short, perhaps on Eggman Mech’s space worth of distance.

B+Side: The boxing glove, glovu appears as a chargable move. The charge can be stored and used later.

B+Down: The Mech stomps one leg. As charged, the range and power will be increased.

B+Up: Similarly to the boss fight, Robotnick fires missles out from the backof his mech. These will last a little longer than the kanuni, cannon rounds, and are guidable, but only for about a second, considering there should be about six of them. The longer this is charged, the further those missiles can be guided. If desired, the missiles can be dismissed with B. When this occurs, the missles are no longer guided kwa the player, but songesha faster. No actual damage boost, as the boost could be spammed could be spammed.

Y: Lock-On laser. While held, if the laser come in contact with the laser’s line of sight, the will be locked on to. The missles fired will not have exceptional maneuverability, but will be heat-seeking. Where they hit, a small blast radius is emitted. If the lock on sequence is maintained for too long, the firing of the missiles will be canceled. While locking-on, the laser can be moved up and down with the analog stick, and he can jump while locking-on. The longer an enemy is in the laser, the zaidi locks he will receive, and the harder the missiles will be to dodge. The missiles can be destroyed with attacks, if precise and well timed.

Y+Side: A laser is fired from Robotnick’s personal weapon. The longer this is charged, the faster the laser will songesha across the screen, and the zaidi powerful it is, though the power range shouldn’t be all too great.

Y+Up: The Mech will do a powerful upwards jump with the assist of a large output force from the boosters that are meant to slow descent that harms opponents that are in the way of the jump, and nearby enemies. This is a pop-up move, and will send opponents into the air.

Y+Down: The Mech will hop into the air, and stop down onto the ground, creating a small shockwave. Those caught during the jump will be harmed, but those caught in the shockwave will receive zaidi damage.
Jump: A harmless jump. When tapped again, The boosters will do a small outsurge. If the jump command is maintained, Robotnick’s mech will hover, but slowly decend.

Air songesha Set: (If labeled as “Carries Over”, please refer to the corresponding command in the above section. )

B: Carries Over.

B+Side: Carries Over

B+Down: The Mech kicks one leg forwards, then backwards.

B+Up: Carries Over. He will fall slower as he guides his missiles, but the launching of those missiles will push him downward a little.

Y: Carries Over:

Y+Side: Carries Over.

Y+Down: The Mech will not jump up into the air because it is already in the air. Instead, it will jump go straight into splashing down.

Y+Up: Carries Over.

Special Moves:

B+Dash: The mech will do a kind of a trip and fall, harming the opponent. The mech immediately jumps up to its feet afterwards with the help of the built-in gyroscope and the boosters.

Y+Dash: The Mech will enter a kind of Drive Mode similar to Gamma in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Battle. While in this state, he can be stopped kwa attacks, but anyone he runs over is harmed. As Y is maintained held down, Robotnick will go faster, causing zaidi harm. However, the brakes wil not be as effective, and he will receive damage if he crashes into a wall, which could potentially kill him if he’s going at maximum speed.

Grab: Robotnik himself grabs the opponent when caught

Grab, Grab: Robotnick punches his foe directly.

Grab, Forward: Robotnick himself does a hard punch, launching his opponent to the side.

Grab, Up: Robotnik throws the enemy over the mech, and Robotnick fires the upwards missiles.These missiles will launch the enemy upwards with their explosion, since they hit the enemy from below as he’s/she’s above Robotnik and his mech.

Grab, Down: Robotnick throws the enemy under his mech, and stamps his enemy three time with one leg on his mech. On the stomp, the enemy is launched.

Grab, Back: Robotnik throws the enemy behind the mech, and launches them with a blast from the boosters.

Final Smash: Robotnick calls in his infamous Death Egg. It appears in the background. The Death Egg was able to melt crystals into lava with one flash of light. So, using that concept, Robotnick developed a new way to make the attack zaidi devastating. kwa using his own mech as an output, he can concentrate all that energy into one small output, thereby concentrating the energy of the Death Egg’s flash. When the A timer for the launch of the attack appears as two rings closing in on the pupils of the Death Egg. When the rings come on contact with the pupils, the attack is launched. The screen will flash white, and sound will be muted, including music. Slowly, the audio and video of the stage will return to its regular state. Once this happens, the attack has ceased, which will take about five seconds. The attack itself works similarly to the smart bomb already in the game. When the Screen goes white, the blast radius will be about a player space in all directions from Robonick’s mech, and will expand to three player spaces. The only way you’ll know if wewe were caught in the blast is kwa the vibration of the controller if you’re playing on the Wii U. If not, wewe won’t know until wewe see your character being tortured kwa the incinerating heat. When the attack is finished, those caught in the blast will be launched with tremendous force at exactly the same moment all the audio and video is restored.