It was a warm summer siku in Good Side Nintendo Street, when suddenly, Mario made a new video game that was called: Mario and Link and the Tower of Doom. 4 weeks later when the game was released, Mario saw people buying the game and started fighting like it was in the game. Mario stopped decided to say:

Mario: What is it with these people on Good Side Nintendo Street? I have to put a stop to this at once... but how?

Suddenly, Link shows up and says to Mario:

Link: Did wewe just make a video game with me and wewe in it?

Mario shivered and said:

Mario: ... Yeah... why?

Link: (sigh) just come with me!

Mario and Link went out the door and walked on the side walk. When they got to the beginning of Good Side Nintendo Street, they went to the first kids they saw fighting like a maniac and said:

Link and Mario: What's your names, and what's with wewe people and that new video game wewe have there?

The first kid answered politely and said:

First kid: My name is Issac and the other kid is Marth, We live here, and the new video game, I think it, uh... hypnotized us to fight like a maniac.

Marth: Yeah, I think that was it.

Link and Mario: All right then, here we go!

To be continued...