It was true, Mario was kidnapped!

The kidnappers who kidnapped Mario were Medusa (Kid Icarus) and Bowser aka The Kidnappers.

Mario was in a sac in the limo and the limo driver was Wolf.

When Link went to tafuta for Mario on Evil Side Nintendo Street, he searched the whole area. But Link did not find him. All he could say to find him was:

Link: Mario... MARIO...! Well, He's not in the street, au the sidewalk, so I should look in these houses.

When Link went searching for Mario, the limo was stopped kwa the Black ngome to deliver Mario to the King to the very juu floor.

When The Kidnappers got Mario to the King aka Ganondorf, Ganondorf looked inside the sac, he saw Mario and said:

Ganondorf; Who is this person and what is he doing here?

Bowser: Well, wewe see, we saw him on the mitaani, mtaa and, well, he's Mario from Good Side Nintendo Street.

Ganondorf: Ah, I see. Well I'll just bring wewe over here and talk to wewe in one minute. Don't songesha a musle!

Ganondorf toke Mario to the little shed and tied him to a chair.

To Be Continued...