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posted by bealoser
Okay so I was bored and decided to make up rules for a Supernatural drinking game when I was rewatching a buncha episodes and realized that a lot of things are recurrent - as with any ol' onyesha and I was like, "Hey, I can totally get trashed watching an episode." How, wewe say? Well I'm glad wewe asked.

The Supernatural Drinking Game

Drink when:
- Dean smirks
- Sam pouts/frowns
- Dean wiggles his eyebrows (in a lewd way?) hehe
- Sam huffs
- one of them says "Remember that case in..."
- one of them says "Maybe this isn't our kinda thing/department, etc."
- Sam says something about how there are different...
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posted by Silverdoe
 The range of Demonic eyes.
The range of Demonic eyes.
What do yellow, red, white and black all have in common?

All mashabiki of the televisheni series Supernatural know the answer to this question. It’s the few different eye colours associated with demons in the show. In religion and mythology, occultism and folklore, a demon is a Supernatural being that is generally described as a malevolent spirit.

First seen in the season four episode, Phantom Traveler, demons continue to play a major role throughout the entire five seasons and probably will until end of the new season. The most essential aspects that relate to Dean and Sam Winchester began in 1973...
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There seems to be a widely-held opinion right now that Sam has abandoned Dean and has no respect left for him; that after everything Dean has done for him, he turned his back when Dean needed him the most. Wow. What kind of brother does that? A selfish, arrogant, ungrateful, weak-charactered one, that’s who! I would like to explain why I think Sam is not that kind of brother, and why he is, in fact, the stronger character of the two. It's a big part of why I'm attracted zaidi to Sam than Dean.

First of all, Sam is not a shallow person who selfishly ran away to college while leaving his father...
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posted by Flickerflame
This is an makala my friend wrote a while ago, trying to explain the various creatures, objects and places featured in Supernatural to non-watchers.

Creatures and beings

Spirits / Ghosts
• Ghosts of people who have died, are still here for: revenge, just an evil soul naturally, unfinished business
• Some spirits may only be seen kwa certain people – those with psychic abilities, those the spirits wish to harm au contact, au those in a certain state of mind.
• Ghosts are tied to one place and cannot leave it, usually where they died.
• Ectoplasm*
• Can make lights flicker on and off, move...
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 ..the underground cult won' be leaving the road so far.
..the underground cult won' be leaving the road so far.
Hello SPN lovers and welcome to the new, great and wonderful get to know better the fans fun time. The first winner is our one and only Kiaya, who has been adding countless stuff about the onyesha so the rest of us can enjoy the world of Supernatural more. Congrats on the winning and keep adding!

And now, on with the questions!

1. Is Supernatural an underrated show? And why wewe are part of the underground cult that follows it? :D

Yes, I think it is considered a underrated show. Because it’s a great onyesha and always leaving wewe wanting zaidi :]

2. If Supernatural was to receive an Oscar, which category...
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5 am
Dean entered the jikoni and saw Meg sitting at the table, with a cup of coffee.
“You’re up early” he mumbled. Meg looked up. “I get it” Dean added. “You never went to sleep”
Meg shook her head.
“Yeah, me neither” Dean replied soft. “So, eh, what are wewe going to do now?”
Meg shrugged and stirred her coffee.
“You know what I alisema when Cas told me he loved me? I told him to shut up. I never alisema it back” she alisema sober.
“I’m sure he knew that” Dean alisema careful.
“It doesn’t matter” Meg replied sharp. “He’s gone. There’s no need for me to be human...
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“Dean!” Sam exclaimed when he saw Dean sitting on the floor, his hands tied. He kneeled and freed his older brother.
“I’m going to kill him!” Dean snapped.
“What happened?” Sam asked frowning.
“Cas has gone crazy. He attacked me. He’s totally nuts” Dean explained furious. He tried to calm himself kwa taking a few deep breaths.
“Dean, we have to find him. He’s not himself” Sam alisema sharp. “I’m going to start calling people”
“You’re not calling that demon” Dean replied in a threatening way. Sam, who didn’t know who else to call, put his phone away. “I’m...
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Heather and Isabel were sitting at the jikoni table, having a cup of coffee. Heather had insisted on wanting to know why exactly Isabel had been fired from the police department.
Isabel was about to reproach her cousin for her way of making money when the kengele rang.
“I’ll get it” Heather alisema fast, glad she wouldn’t have to comment. She walked to the door and was slightly surprised to see Cas in the doorway.
“Can I come in?” he asked.
“Yeah, sure” Heather alisema and she stepped aside. She walked him to the kitchen. “Do wewe want some coffee?”
“No” Cas replied, looking straight...
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Meg was sitting on her bed. She had sneaked inside as soon as Dean had left. Jo had promised her to get him out of the house. She didn’t want to deal with his snarky commentary.
Sam was sitting on the kitanda as well. He felt weird around Meg, but since Cas was sick and there was no one else, they might as well keep each other company.
“How is it like? Being human?” Sam asked, trying to break the ice. “I mean, after being a demon for so long”
“Honestly? It sucks. Big time” Meg replied bitter. “I’ve always been able to recall every single murder I’ve committed, but I’ve never...
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“What the hell happened to you?” Sam exclaimed.
“Someone was shooting at us” Jo explained agitated. Dean was leaning on her and he was starting to become heavy. Cas rushed to them and took over.
“Thank you” Jo said.
“Where is it that you’re injured?” Cas asked. “Then I’ll heal you”
Dean shot a long look at Jo and then looked at Cas. “No” he alisema slowly. “I’m not that hurt. The bullet just missed me, it’s just a scratch. Jo can take care of me”
Jo frowned, but nodded in agreement.
Dean shot a meaningful glance at Sam, knowing Cas wouldn’t understand. Sam grabbed...
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The Impala was still parked on the same spot. Meg walked around the car and opened the trunk. She opened one of Cas’ bags and pulled out the first shati she got her hands on. “Get in the car” she told Cas. “No, passenger seat” she added, when Cas wanted to step inside the driver’s seat. “You can’t drive like that”
She put herself behind the wheel. “I’m surprised wewe can drive at all” she mumbled.
“I can’t” Cas replied. He leaned backwards and closed his eyes.
“Keys?” Meg alisema to herself, looking at the connection. “Keys” she answered her own swali as...
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A couple of hours later.
Cas was sitting on the floor with the fragments of the vase in his lap. He had a tube of glue in his hand and tried to paste two fragments together.
Daphne had left again. Whither she hadn’t told.
He had tried to fix the tables in which he’d somewhat succeeded. He didn’t understand why Daphne didn’t just buy new furniture. But maybe she thought he needed to be taught a lesson.
A truck stopped in front of the house and the driver walked to the front door. Cas opened before the man had the chance to ring.
“Hello” Cas greeted the man.
“Good day, sir” the...
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The ngome Café
Daphne was sitting at the bar drinking coffee, while Mitch was getting dressed.
“Last night was amazing” Daphne said.
“I agree. We should do this zaidi often” Mitch joked.
“I would hope so” Daphne said, who wasn’t joking at all.
Mitch frowned. “I thought wewe were married”
“Yeah, with a virgin” Daphne alisema disgusted. “If I would’ve known…”
“You would’ve dumped him?” Mitch asked.
“No, of course not” Daphne sighed. “Look, I upendo him. I really do. But I can’t deflower him. I won’t sleep with virgins. It’s a principle. And in the meantime...
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Cas opened the front door and carried Daphne over the doorstep. “You can put me down now” Daphne said.
“Shouldn’t I carry wewe into our bedroom?” Cas asked.
“I’m thirsty. I want to have a drink first” Daphne explained.
“Okay” Cas alisema and he put her down. She walked to the jikoni and Cas followed her. As she took a glass from the cupboard Cas came standing behind her. He lay her hair over her shoulder and kissed her neck.
Daphne groaned and turned around. Cas continued kissing her as his hands searched their way underneath the dress.
“Bring me to our bedroom” Daphne said...
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As wewe may au may not know, an upcoming episode of Supernatural will be entitled “Appointment in Samarra”. Since most of Supernatural’s episode titles generally allude to something - usually a song title, sometimes a movie au book - I decided to find out what this one meant. What I found was a very interesting short story, and since I liked it, I want to share it with wewe all. There are several versions to this story, but all have the same key elements, and simply changes names and cities.

Here is the earliest version that I could find (that does not mean it is the original, just the oldest...
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 An example of a black-eyed demon
An example of a black-eyed demon
This makala is a guide for all young hunters who want to learn how to handle some of the world’s most dangerous Supernatural creatures- the demons. Please take advantage of some of the tips and suggestions outlined in this text. It could save your life.*

First, the basics. How can wewe recognize a demon? Demons can be recognized kwa looking at their eye color when they get angry. Most demons have black eyes and wreak havoc either for fun au as part of the orders they receive from higher-ranking demons. Red-eyed crossroads demons make deals, giving people whatever they want in return for their...
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posted by shomill
On the first siku of Christmas,
My true upendo gave to me,
A ’67 Chevrolet.

On the sekunde siku of Christmas,
My true upendo gave to me,
Two gorgeous brothers,
And a ’67 Chevrolet.

On the third siku of Christmas,
My true upendo gave to me,
Three vampire fangs,
Two gorgeous brothers,
And a ’67 Chevrolet.

On the fourth siku of Christmas,
My true upendo gave to me,
Four mullet rock tapes,
Three vampire fangs,
Two gorgeous brothers,
And a ’67 Chevrolet.

On the fifth siku of Christmas,
My true upendo gave to me,
Five salt guns,
Four mullet rock tapes,
Three vampire fangs,
Two gorgeous brothers,
And a ’67 Chevrolet.

On the sixth...
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I know Sammy's cute, but he is no Dean. Dean would do anything to protect people from evil, especially his little brother. He acts all tough on the surface, but he's much zaidi complex than he'd like others to know thats the Dean we all have grown to love

What makes him so very drool worthy
1. Those gorgeous green eyes
2. He makes vulnerable so very cool and sexy.
3. His wicked sense of humor which I love
4. His adorable smile don't wewe just upendo it
5. Have wewe seen him shirtless?
6. Great hair
7. His great taste in music
8. His upendo for his car his baby as he calls it
9. How much he loves his little...
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posted by Harrypotter148

John Winchester
Bad Father
Good Father?

Some might say John was a bad father, leaving his two Sons alone in a motel while he want off and hunted. But he did not hunt, Deer, he hunted the Supernatural!

But John may have neglected his Boy, and left Dean to Look after Sammy still dose not mean he is a Bad father. He may have not been the best but he she as hell was a great father.

He may have went Crazy with rage after his wifes dean but at least when that happened he did not Hurt his boys au forget about them (Poor Max Miller) He taught them to stick with your family...
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posted by doraweasley
 Mark Sheppard will play Crowley, the crossroads demon
Mark Sheppard will play Crowley, the crossroads demon
"The episode is epic and will "definitely ... have the mashabiki on the edge of their seats going into the holiday 'hellatus,'..."

"Abandon All Hope" airs Nov. 19: "Sam, Dean and Castiel track down the mwana-, mwana-punda and head off to find Lucifer to send him back to Hell. It’s a hunters’ reunion when the crew joins forces with Bobby (Jim Beaver), Ellen (guest nyota Samantha Ferris) and Jo (guest nyota Alona Tal) for what could be their last night on Earth."

Inspiration for 5.10?

From Dante's Inferno:

"Through me wewe pass into the city of woe:
Through me wewe pass into eternal pain:
Through me among the people...
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